Embarrassing Americans: What did this 4yr old in Chicago really say?

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While off work Tuesday I was listening to Here & Now on KCUR. There was a small segment about what a 4 yr old child said at a crime scene one night. You can hear the story here.

What’s sad is someone edited the clip to have it so disturbing, a 4 yr old saying he will have a gun. Now to be fair the whether out of context or not the fact a child that young even has that in his mind is sad. It’s just another example of how America perceives African Americans in inner cities. If this had been some black child in the suburbs it wouldn’t have even been news and of course if he had been white the comment wouldn’t have been edited at all. If anything it would have one of those feel good ending the news tries to end with. There would have been some cute remark afterwards.

The worst part is if anyone black had seen it they might not have been offended. Yes I know it’s fucked to think that but I’m being realistic. I remember when the footage of a 2 yr old holding a blunt made the media news rounds there was such a generation and residential gap in the area when the story came on. Some old folks were disgusted while all the younger people were loving it, the teens with him were making the lil dude a G, teaching him early how it supposed to be done. I’m sure someone, young males, thought the comment was gangsta as fuck hearing a 4yr old talking about having a gun. There lies the bigger problem, we’ve now begin to accept and think it’s cool to be “Hood”(not new news at all mind you). And as society frown upon it they to embrace it, from our music to movies. It’s why it was easy to pull such a fucked up move of editing the child’s comment.  I’m glad it cause it a stir and I’m glad someone released the full comment, it shows what minorities have been saying for years about being misrepresenting in the media.


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