Mondays Poll: Bachmann or Palin?


The GOP Presidential candidates seem to be shaping out to be very diverse, the GOP should throw in the one time golden boy Bobby Jindal, what ever happened to him, and the box set would be complete. So there’s two Mormons, a black guy and two chicks so far. I know this may seem sexist to focus on the two female candidates but these two candidates seem to be, in my opinion, focusing on the same target.

What’s different about Bachmann and Palin is they could easily cancel each other out as they are both big with The Tea Party movement. Both women have become the face of the movement at some point. Both women go to rallies and making it official how they loath Obama as well try to be the most conservative people they can be. The real difference is who they are. Bachmann is a politician who knows her facts, I’ve found myself shocked as I’ve heard her and a few other Tea Party politicians speak and agreed with some things. Palin on the other hand is more like a pop star, she’s the GOP version of an American Idol contestant. She went from being another no name governor to being one the most recognizable face in American politics right now.  It may still take you a minute or so to point out Michelle Bachmann but you know Sarah Palin when you see her most likely because she announces herself so you can’t miss her.

To be honest I think that attention is what drives Sarah Palin, she still has no real idea about politics from what I’ve heard. She like so many other Republicans is relying on the hatred for Obama to get them by. I have yet to hear anything broken down in a sensible manner from her. You go to her facebook page and you’d think her daughter was handling it, it really reads like someone young is typing away on there sometimes… Ok saying sometimes is an understatement how about 90% of the time. She spends most of her time hating and complaining and not saying shit in the process. She is the only politician on any social site like that. I’ve read up on her time as governor ofAlaskaand I’m lost at how this is the same woman.

Michelle Bachmann again knows what she is talking about whether I agree with her views or not and most of the time I don’t. The totally extremist concepts The Tea Party holds can be a bit too much not just for Americans but those within the GOP. She seems to really want to be taken serous and if she can break away from being a one trick pony she may have some chance in the primaries. Her downfall may be The Tea Party Movement. It worked to run in certain states and lock them down for senate races, but to be the President of The United States she has to broaden her view. Obama bashing with no counterproductive solution isn’t going to win you Independent voters.

So which one would you vote for if you were republican or a Tea Party person? Relative unknown Alaskan Governor turned attention whore or a conservative Tea Party extremist?


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