Embarrassing Americans: Who should keep their homes

home for sale

So last week with all the stocks being low and the debt ceiling issue being reviewed people started to hope the our government would start working on fixing our economy. As those kinds of talks came so did of course the housing market, they’ve been linked together for like four years now haven’t they? Well those know it alls seem to love stating this little odd one sided piece of crab, those who couldn’t afford those houses shouldn’t have been there anyway but those who could but lost their jobs should be eligible to get their homes back.

I’m not understanding the logic at all in that kind of thinking no matter how it’s phrased. I get what it fundamentally is trying to establish, again the logic makes no sense. So for those who are college educated, had good jobs and could afford their homes and because of the recession found their job on the chopping block which in turn could no long pay on their mortgage, they should be able to get a home again?  Ok saying it in that context makes it still not make sense. Look, they lost their homes simple and plan. Millions of other Americans still have their homes or at the worst accept the new facts of their lives and got a smaller more affordable home. Should those who downgraded be told they too should be allowed to get their bigger home back or be penalized for thinking like responsible adults? Many Americans home owners facing losing their homes had that option on the table. Sell your home, take that lost and move into a smaller cheaper more affordable home that fits into your new income.

Then comes the fact that these know it alls say shit like again lost their homes because they lost their jobs. What if those former home owner are still unemployed, shouldn’t getting a job be priority one? You can’t put the cart before the horse. If these same people lost their homes say eight years ago, twelve years ago would trying to keep them in that home be a plan? People who could at one time afford their mortgage lose their homes all the time. A husband or wife passes and for some reason didn’t have life insurance (yeah we’ve all seen and heard this ad scenario before). That living spouse sells the house to make ends meet, should they get a pass because they used to be able to afford living in that home? I mean really where does it end? A person gets sick and medical bills start adding up, they once were financially well off and could afford that big house now they can’t do they get to keep their house? I mean a scenario can be drawn up where for some reason paying that mortgage isn’t happening anymore so now what? I tell you what reality kicks in that person(s) loses their home. It’s a fact of common sense. Stop enabling this new lane of segregation between the haves and have nots. Can we please stop acting as if the poor as well as those who were and still are well off aren’t being affected by this recession together? Let those who could once afford those houses start from bottom or middle or wherever they might have landed, let them start over like those who shouldn’t have had homes because they couldn’t afford them in the first place. If anything those in both economic classes have that much in common now so just like those of a lower pay scale those who once had a nice big house and lost it will have to also deal with it and move on.


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