The not cool part of the DC Comic reboot


I know the fact the reboot in DC Comics next month isn’t new news at all. What seems to be something that no one is saying out right is how all these comics book issues pre reboot have ended in such a poor manner. Action Comics went from having a gang of Doomsdays to one major Doomsday and poof it’s over. The new Justice League Of America really was just the worst thing I’ve ever read and the way it ended was completely a waste of time. You had Ecilpso taking over seeming to be unstoppable and even stabbing Donna Troy as a cliff hanger in one issue just to have all that be a dream?  Batman ends off weak and the list goes on to be honest. So did someone drop the ball when it came to working things out where the old DC had time to properly end each series before the reboot took place?

Hope this reboot works. I’m not really cool with going all the way back to the beginning with origin stories, but now I can say I have a number 1 of Action Comics and Detective Comics.


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