Is police brutality only brutality when you’re white

outrage over Ke;;y Thomas death

In Orange County California there has been outrage since July 5th when officers of the Fullerton Police Department beat Kelly Thomas to death.  Thomas was a mentality ill homeless man. The outrage has those inOrangeCountylooking to recall some city council members demanding that the police chief step down. There is an investigation going on as to what happened the night Thomas was beaten.

I’m sure since it is Orange Country and the victim was white some real justice will happen, yes I know that sounds fucked up to even think that way, but our track record in this country suggests that I may be right. As an African American I know other African Americans, Latino and just Black people from other counties get beat down or shot for the same reasons the police are claiming they had an altercation with Thomas, someone called about a man trying to break into cars. It would again be easy to make this an Orange County thing as they seem to be looking out for the safety of other homeless people in the area after this incident. I mean if something happened like that here in Kansas Citythe city would not be too concerned about the homeless population here.  It just seems odd because things happen to homeless people white and black all the time across the country and now there’s an uproar? Is it because Thomas was mentality ill or because he was a young, 37, white man?

As a country we do have a track record of being appalled when something bad happens to those with mental problems so it’s easy to go that route with it. I know it’s not out of wanting justice for someone was beaten to death by the police, that happens all the time. You go online to any local newspaper site and see a similar story all over the country every year. The outrage isn’t the same, most of the time it is news for a week and the local area moves on. What happened to Thomas has become a national story. Is this simply a case of slow news and a story became bigger like the blonde missing in Aruba and the Casey Anthony case? I won’t be surprised if those officers who beat Thomas to death go to trail and get convicted. I will be glad justice was served but equally as disappointed because when police officers do anything to people of color nothing happens and they go on with life and keep their jobs. This story makes me wonder how this story would have played out if Thomas was a African American mentally ill man in Orange County, would there still be such outrage?


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