I can’t seem to get into the Republican Primaries

candidness for the debate

I saw the first Republican primary when it aired live and hated every second of it. It was a united stand against Obama, which is understandable he is the guy you’re trying to beat. The problem is even as John King tried to get some back and forth between the wanna be Republican presidential nominees no one took the bait. That sums up what the Republican party has been doing so far in my mind. It seems to be an untied front against Obama like he’s the Antichrist or something.

It seems ever week someone is the new threat for Obama not much of a front runner in the Primaries which is how the true threat to Obama is chosen. This isn’t new for me as far as my feeling go with the Republican primaries, I felt this way with the last one. Every candidate wanted to be the next Ronald Reagan, don’t ask me why but they did. This year everyone wants to show leadership by bashing Obama but not really putting forth a suitable proposal to latch on to. I understand not wanting to show your hand before a debate with Obama if you (speaking of the candidates) were to make it that far, but right now no one is saying anything a non Republican voter can really hold on to. Yes the people you are trying to convince are Republican voters but the whole country is watching as well. Hearing these far right extreme views to show you’re a conservative does little to convince independent voters that the country will not become the same mess it was when Bush Jr. was in office.

I’m a bit interested to see what happens tomorrow night but I just don’t feel like hearing everyone pander to The Tea Party including CNN. I can hold off to hear the more important sound bytes Thursday morning. I’m sure, no I’m hoping this debate may be the one that truly put things in motion to weed out more candidates.


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