Real black on black crime

al shabaab logo

What is happening in Somalia seems to be non news now that Ramadan is over. What we were hearing about was starving people not being allowed to flee to Kenya or even receive aide from the world has stopped, why? Somalia has no president and what government they do have isn’t worth a damn. Corruption rules in Somalia the Al Qaeda off spring Al Shabaab seems to be in charge of the whole damn country. It’s a sad site that the hatred for the outside world is the reason for such suffering.

This isn’t new news when it comes to how Somalia is being run, what was new news is this self hate that’s going on in Somalia because it was during Ramadan. Is it me or has Somalia become the new Sudan? By the way Sudan was the new Rwanda which was the new Ethiopia. It seems every decade there’s a new African country to give a half ass focus to. When the news covers Africa countries it’s never good. I’m not downplaying how evil people have to be to allow their fellow countrymen to die from starvation because some people don’t want assistance from “the infidels”. Could more be done to ensure those in need get help, yes. I mean if you’re aware that the food you’re giving people is being taken and then sold at the market and after photo ops food gets taken from people, why not stay to make sure people are eating. Ramadan is over but this situation isn’t, stay and try to figure out a way to get the people of Somalia help.

It’s sad as a black man to see that this focus, like what happened in Sudan and Rwanda and now Somalia, never has real HELP attached to it at all. We know the problem and yet nothing is going to happen. The way the globe treats African countries is the way cities treat inner cities. The news reports the black on black crime all the time and this isn’t anything new. Trust me if these countries had something to offer like oil, things would be different. NATO would have been all over Somalia years ago the way they could have put a better effort to stopping the genocide in Sudan.

I understand that what happened in Sudan was race and religion inspired genocide. Not that that gives it a pass at all, I’m saying it’s an age old fucked up battle that took place in Sudan. Somalia on the other hand is a Muslim country with a very small Christian population. This is about a country with no government structure at all and it’s being run by the terrorists and pirates who only care about those within their circle. The people of  Somalia were fleeing to Kenya and now that’s being slowed down. Aid is being blocked and who’s the biggest victim? Those trying to help will soon stop and from pictures I’ve seen online and pictures I’ve seen from Kenyans and Somalis a beautiful country will be become a wasteland. The only people that will be hurt are other black people maybe someone with some influence will realize this and stop what’s going on at some point soon.


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