Not really wanting to remember 9/11

WTC memorial Lights

I used to feel bad for not wanting to hear the stories of the families of those who died on 9/11and fire fighters who survived. I started feeling that way by year four. Last year the hype was less about those individuals and more about the fact the first day of celebrations for Muslims post Ramadan fell on the 11th of September. Last year we were treated to how many people of Islam in America felt it was best to down play the celebration that is part of their faith out of more fear of backlash more than respect. Even though there are Americans I know who celebrate the 4th of July in other countries including England, now that’s a slap in the face, and the 4th isn’t part of any religious ceremony at all.  As the country found itself trying to stop Pastor Terry Jones from burring of a Quran that same Saturday the remembering those of 9/11 took a backseat.

This year Osama Bin Laden was killed by American soldiers and my mind did the math, “crap it’s been ten years, how symbolic”. Yes while the media and people were all over the fact that happened while Obama was president I was already dreading yesterday. The week leading up to 9/11 news shows talked to kids and young adults in Afghanistan and Iraq trying to see what 9/11 means to them. I’ve seen and heard shows about young twenty somethings and younger not really getting it and how schools have to teach living history. As a country we were made aware of the clergy issue inNew Yorksince Mayor Bloomberg was thinking of omitting a clergy. All this really has nothing to do with what happened on 9/11 or how the families of those who passed away on any of those planes or theWorldTradeCenteror the families of those first responders and fire fighters who passed away trying to help. That’s vanity stuff that looks good on the news. The ceremonies would go on if the cameras weren’t there, if the news was doing pieces on them, it isn’t nor was it every about some bigger issue where religious groups get to merge a political issue with religion and personal grief.

Why are we even still making this a major event? I’m going out on a limb and saying in a few more years there will be talk of making it a holiday, or at least putting a title on September 11th on calendars. We do it all the time, as a country we celebrate tragedies like Pearl Harbor, D Day, the death of celebrities and presidents that we as a culture decided matters to us. At one point until the last of those solders died we had ceremonies where soldiers of north and south of the civil war sat on stage. 9/11 has fallen into that group. I’m not old enough to know how those people who were related to the soldiers ofPearl Harbor felt about all the hoopla around that tragedy and then again was there really any major noise then like what we have today?

We tend to remember and focus on what we want, we don’t really acknowledge the day under President Truman we bombedJapan(HiroshimaandNagasaki), hell as a country when we talk about WW2 andJapanis rarely brought up. Again now that there are no survivors of the civil war we really don’t bring it up unless we’re talking about Abraham Lincoln. We barely celebrate our civil rights act that includes more than the desegregation act, women were “granted” equal rights as well. We seem to love to be drawn in to tragedies as a country for some unexplained reason.

Well the tenth “anniversary”, yes news media in the past and some still do use that term now, is behind us now. I figure things will be like it was from year six through year eight with just saying how many years it has been, to at some point bringing it up as a by the way fact to just not saying anything at all. Am I saying forget about 9/11? No, because I lived through it. The same way my mom could tell you where she was when Kennedy and King were murdered, I can tell you where I was at and what I was doing on a hot Tuesday morning inNewport NewsVa.when the news first broke about the first plane crashing into one of the towers. It’s a part of our lives if you were alive during that time and were old enough to truly get what had happened you can’t forget 9/11. Not because the media will not allow us to or because these politicians want brownie points as patriots so they bring it up, but because our nation was put on alert that we weren’t as invincible as we thought. We as a country we were shocked and scared just as much as we were appalled and angry. Those families will never forget either for those same reasons and many more I can’t even begin to imagine, they will have those memories of loved ones passed down to generations one would think. I understand as a country we have the right to grieve but I think it’s time to stop broadcasting it.


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