Embarrassing Americans: Poverty numbers and the number of the uninsured are up

we need health care

Let’s straighten out a fact, the poverty level for household income of four is $22, 000. Think about that for just a second four people trying to survive off of $22,000 a year? One person can’t survive off of that let alone someone trying to take of a family. Of course this opens a door for higher wages but with the economy so messed up the new argument isn’t wages but jobs.. Which still should be one in the same if you ask me. Making just over $40,000 isn’t enough to get by at all these days. The numbers of the working poor maybe, no are much higher than reported if the country even begins to recognize that fact. The cost of living is overwhelming higher than the average wages of this country.

We also learned today that the number of uninsured Americans have grown too. This directly falls in line with jobs and the working poor. People are now dropping health insurance at their jobs because they need all the money they can get and if they have children their children are automatically covered. This is something that should be an issue in the primaries and I feel will have to be an issue when the presidential debate starts. These numbers call for a serious debate where the pros and cons need to be explored thoroughly. To simply throw out the costs of a solution isn’t enough of a reason to NOT try to figure out what’s going on and fix the problem in America. The fact that now 50 million Americans are currently uninsured guarantees that this is an American crisis. I mean we went for 4.3 million to 50 million, if that’s not a crisis what it is?

Of course these numbers can be manipulated, not manipulated enough to overlook what America is becoming. The finger pointing to policies by a particular party isn’t going to begin to get these numbers down, just the opposite, the numbers will rise if our politicians continue to disagree with one another for the sake of their parties or extreme group. We as Americans should be embarrassed and outraged at these numbers not trying to find someone or a party to blame. We’re the greatest nation in the world and these numbers like our low ranking in college grads, education in general and high ranking prison inmates don’t reflect that at all. Anyone can brag on how they’ve handled these two situations on a state level but to be the go to go for the country and understand that bills need to pass both houses is another thing, just ask Obama. This will not be something that gets turned around within a year because you still have to deal with employers and insurance companies. Wages, regulations and the bottom line is what it all boils down to. If someone, anyone can come up with a way to get Americans working, have better pay and insure health coverage for all Americans without being labeled a socialist this country in this matter may just be fine in the next few years. One can only hope.

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