The Presidents speech heard it all before

obama speaking

I’m figuring that President Obama lives by the motto “if at first you don’t succeed try, try again”. If you’ve heard his past speeches you heard what he said last Thursday. It’s not a bad idea that he’s trying to sell it’s just as I’ve said and America is telling him by the result of nothing happening,  that no one cares about trying to keep up with the rest of the world. The difference this time is that more Americans aren’t just listening to the President they’re also now watching the Republicans to see what they will do. The stunt this summer costs them big, a lil negative press that wasn’t race related also spilled over to CNN’s friends The Tea Party.

People are paying attention to the fact that some of the things Obama is talking about Republicans have proposed in the past so there shouldn’t be any hold up on getting something done before the election. Of course something will come up in the next few weeks, most likely something small and that will become some major hiccup thanks to the press it gets. You already heard the rumbles of associating this bill with the stimulus, and that was mentioned not even a day later but hours once the speech was over. What you also hear now is how the Republicans have something to work with. That part of Obama’s Shtick if will is now looking less like finger pointing and more like pointing out a true disconnect.

The American public gets the one side versus the other side thing, we even get it has gotten nastier every two year election. But to not get anything done to ensure President Obama is a one term president places the country in a deeper hole that when you have seven years of debt Bush gave us mean there’s eleven years of shit to fix. Trying to do it with out raising taxes will not be an option even if Obama is re-elected.


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