Movie Madness: The Help


Well let me start off by saying this isn’t a review or really necessarily a Movie Madness rant moment, kinda. I was looking at a preview of movies coming out this fall and saw one staring Morgan Freeman called Dolphin Tale.  Unless that site I went to missed a few movies that’s it for black actors in movies with the exception of Tower Heist. This past summer saw little to no blacks on the big screen pass The Help. I’ve said it before, it’s a shame in 2011 the one movie with a handful black women in it has them being servants.

I’ve spoke about this with friends black and white some who read the book, some saw the movie, some did both, some did neither. Yes, I’m nitpicking because the movie is a period piece so what role were those women supposed to play? I get that I totally get that, again it’s 2011 and the only African American female that seems to be getting acting gigs in movies is Beyonce. Not to sound mean spirited but her acting is on the same level as her singing which to me is as beautiful as the sound of cats fucking, if you’ve heard that sound you know what I mean. African American women, or any non white women aren’t even love interest in movies anymore. The only way to see African Americans in general are in black flicks unless you’re a recording artists or comedians like Eddie Murphy in Tower Heist that has also has Gabourey Sidibe and Michael Peña. It is even harder for other minorities on a major Hollywood level, yes there are Asian and Hispanic films but I can’t go to AMC and look up at the movie list and purchase a ticket to see them or see previews of those films in the theatres. Hell there aren’t even remakes of Spanish and Asian films like there were the last decade that makes you want to see the original film, we’ve went to Sweden for that as of late.

Most of the movies this fall are period pieces where blacks or any other minority weren’t in the picture and others are romantic flicks, it is that season you know, others are bidding to be Oscar contenders. The more pop culture pop relevant movies like Friends With Benefits and No Strings Attached, tend to leave out minorities as well. Not sure what that says about Hollywood or our society when that is the case, movies build off of today’s pop culture have no minorities in starring roles. Should we get J Lo back in acting mode so we can see a Hispanic on the big screen who plays other minorities and hope for more period pieces pre civil rights or during the civil rights struggle to ensure African Americans are seen on the big screen and have meaningful roles in those films?

It’s 2011 where is the diversity? Black women being servants isn’t diversity. Those African American actresses in The Help aren’t spring chickens and same can be said for Nia Long, Taraji P. Henson, Kerry Washington and Beyonce though they’re not as old. Sidibe is young but who else is there besides her that’s young and a person of color and is being seen on the big screen? The Twilight dude Taylor Lautner, he’s part Native American and still that’s about it. Hollywood is dropping the ball here and if I have to rely on Tyler Perry for employment of African American actors and movies with them starring in them I may have to bite the bullet and watch those films…. I’m lying, I need to stop talking like that, I know I can’t sit and watch one of his movies.


4 thoughts on “Movie Madness: The Help

    • I could be if I was one of those who supported black people for the fact that they’re black. It’s one reason he is so rich, the last years he has been the only african american with a consistent output of movies. The flip side is they’re not good. Just to go I will see his movies because he’s black isn’t enough for me. He’s rich because he’s willing to dress in drag, pander to the african american church goers while doin just enough Hood” stuff to not turn them off but still attract the secular audience that will flock to it. I wish the man nothing but success and hope he makes that one movie that will allow him to break away from the silliness he does. and not apologize for trying new things like Adam Sandler does

  1. Great and insightful post. It’s very true: there are barely any movies about there with women of color playing a starring hollywood role! It’s all very frustrating. I feel like when there are films with an all black cast for example, many film goers tend to treat them as “black” films and therefore un-relatable. I loved the movies, Brown Sugar and Love and Basketball but was disappointed when they did not get as much hollywood hype as the movies starring an a mostly white cast.

  2. I know what you mean and you can add The Wood and The Best Man and with ABC a few years back having a few shows dealing with expanded families like Brothers and Sisters Soul Food as a show and movie should have been better received back in the day. It has been a slow process in some ways but also one of those unnoticed trends for the last few years. Like I said in the post one reason is Hollywood has been intrigued with the past, as much as I think Mad Men is a great show it does frustrate me there may never be any people of color in a starring role on that show.

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