Embarrassing Americans: Politricks backfired


Politicians manipulate facts all the time, tell you what they want you hear or focus on a small thing and turn that into the main issue. It’s something all politicians do no one is exempt when it comes to that. Another thing politicians do, Republicans do this more often than Democrats, is manipulate facts to scare people. We know this trick, remember “weapons of mass destruction”, “death panels” and how the terror alert seem to raise during the presidential race in 2004. Well Michelle Bachmann was looking to add her own scare to the mix.

During the debate she blasted Rick Perry for making it mandatory for all young females to HPV vaccination inTexaswhen he was governor. I get that, anything mandatory is something republicans are totally against for some reason. Which like I said was more than a fair shot because people should have to choice in that case as told by a republican that limits it to those vaccines not other things like abortion. Where things got crazy was the morning after when Bachmann claimed she was approached after the debate by a mother who told her the HPV vaccine caused her daughter to become mentally retarded. Out of the blue this is now a debate again but this time for a different reason. Going online looking her comment up I came across sites now looking into the claim.

The thing is the more this becomes an issue the more this may mess up Bachmann credibility. Doctors are speaking on that statement not politicians. This isn’t political anymore, it really wasn’t anyway it was just again a scare tactic. Now Bachmann has spent this week trying to explain herself instead of focusing on the other candidates in the primaries. It’s easy to pull scare tactics on politicians or another country where the leader is seen in video clips looking angry or insane. This was about medicine and science something Bachmann admits she’s not an expert in. So now what you hear and see are doctors coming out against Bachmann. She may be able to take on any politician slinging mud at her but this is out of her field. Medicine deals in research facts not opinions.

It’s funny watching the clip again I wonder who even believed her in the first place? Then I started to think about those who are considered republicans, you know the people we love to imagine when we think of what republican is. The redneck, gun shooting, ultra Christian who hates big government, gays, minorities, mandates and seem to be scared of change is the picture I and many other people come away with. Well republican voters hate that depiction and I can get not wanting to be thrown into a stereotype. I can’t help but wonder did Bachmann also sum up the people of her party the same way? I mean to feel that those who consider themselves republicans would hear that and be appalled and scared of the possibility of retardation for their daughters, nieces and sisters could have been the goal. It’s kinda saying those people aren’t willing to look anything up and search for facts and will just believe what she is saying. So what’s more disrespectful, outsiders grouping voters together because of several examples that are more visible or an insider who is looking for your votes expecting you as a republican voter be that ignorant and give into fear without thinking logically at all?


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