Mondays Poll: Lyricist of the year nominees of the BET Hip Hop Awards

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So you should already know the nominations for the BET Hip Hop Awards at this point. One category that has me baffled is lyricist of the year. Now I will admit that Kanye outshined Jay on about half of the songs on Watch The Thrown but I never thought I’d ever see or have it brought up that they’re on the same page lyrically. Not just Kanye but Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj… Nicki Minaj? Hold on, does she have a different album or some mixtape(s) where her skills are on some next level shit that I’m not unaware of?  Let’s be real know matter how much you like Weezy even throwing his name in the same comparison line for line with Jay-Z is bit of a stretch. So is Jay-Z falling off or is this a case of a younger Hip Hop audience listening to MCs differently now.  Or the real case, one I will touch on soon, that BET just doesn’t go outside of a certain sound? I mean I can think of ten MC’s right now with albums this year that are doper than everyone on the list, excluding no one. But with this being the list BET came up with who do you think will win?


2 thoughts on “Mondays Poll: Lyricist of the year nominees of the BET Hip Hop Awards

  1. How come Immoral Technique, Ras Kass, Dead Prez, AKIR, Eyedea, Atmosphere, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eminem, or Lupe Fiasco weren’t nominated for Lyricist of the year. Were they nominated for anything???

  2. Nope it’s BET, they don’t do real Hip Hop. I mean that Ocean guy nominated for something and Chris Brown is all over the place. It should be called the R&B and Hip Hop award show. I know what you mean though, real MC’s aren’t making it on BET

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