Class Warfare… Really?

Warren Buffett
“While the poor and middle class fight for us in Afghanistan, and while most Americans struggle to make ends meet, we mega-rich continue to get our extraordinary tax breaks.”

–       Warren Buffett

I’m one of those who feels targeting those who are millionaires and billionaires isn’t going to do shit to reduce the deficit. I mean the first proposal targeted the top 2%. That 2% could have caught teachers up who filed jointly, that was an example I have heard on the news. So if the first target was 2% what is the percentage of those making millions and billions?

Of course the republicans aren’t for taxing at all, not understanding what the thoughts are for the republicans and their plans when it comes to balancing the budget but taxing isn’t one of them. One of these battle terms being thrown around is “class warfare”. Class Warfare? This country lives off of class warfare, go to any major city and you can see class warfare first hand. You ask anyone who lives in a rural area if they know about class warfare and they will say yes.

The middle class is shrinking and the lower class is getting bigger, that’s the logical out come even though people never finish that thought out with because Americans will shit themselves. Where were these republicans when we started seeing schools in poor and some rural areas fall behind in the education system? Where are the GOP “class warfare” talks when gentrification takes place? We are hearing comments not to defend that small percentage of Americans but to make it seem like Obama is telling those wealthy people to spread the wealth. That is something people in general aren’t cool with, having the money they’ve worked for taken and thrown to those who aren’t trying to work and just eat of the government, even though that percentage of people too is very small. Some people, a very small group, feel it’s unfair to target those who have reached their dream and have done very well for themselves. My guess is those are people that the recession never touched, we rarely hear about those people but they are out there. At this point in time those views don’t hold weight. When people here about companies not paying taxes and then hearing the income they’ve generated in a year as well how the tax scale is just not fair. I mean now people are thinking that if you do make more you should pay more. That’s not class warfare that common sense.

So we are having a war against the wealthy and yet I haven’t heard a wealthy person speak out against Obama. I am seeing politicians and the news networks speak out, those politicians and news networks have to. Politicians, both parties, get healthy donations from those companies owned by those millionaires. News networks are owned by millionaires and live off ads from some of those same companies politicians rely on for ads, so of course CNN and Fox News will show you how it really won’t help much if you tax the wealthy. There is no spokesman of some wealthy person making the rounds on the news shows that I’m aware of. If you attack BP someone is out there being the face of the BP to defend that company. If you attack gays, blacks, Apple, the sugar industry or unions someone will speak out for that group, but no one but politicians and the talking heads are speaking out against this “Buffett Rule”. So maybe the wealthy understand that it’s time to contribute more to the country by way of higher taxes. They’ve gotten by for about ten years and higher taxes didn’t hurt during theClintonyears. Again taxing those Americans isn’t an answer at all just a piece of the complicated task, we still need major budget cuts somewhere. Americans have been feeling the affects of “class warfare” for years this slight shift towards targeting the wealthy isn’t that it is a good start in the right direction if more cuts and taxes are added.


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