Movie Madness: best selling blu ray box set is…

star wars blu ray box set

Here something you wouldn’t have thought wouldn’t happen given the way the fanboys bitched and moaned prior to its release, Star Wars Complete Saga is the best selling blu ray box set. That’s right the totally butchered and re-edited Star Wars saga that every movie geek and fanboy shitted on sold well… Well is an understatement completely. It would be easy to say the average casual movie lover bought this just to see what the movies would look like on blu ray but I don’t think that’s the case.

People mostly, fans who loved this franchise, hated the re-editing of this for blu ray pretty much like they did the DVD box set and really hated the fact the original films weren’t included. I’ve read and heard all the talk of how many people feel George Lucus will continue to re-edit this movie as technology gets better. Look I’m willing to say most of the people who bought this blu ray bought the DVD boxset too. People complain that Lucus doesn’t have to ever make another film again because he just re-releases Star Wars and gets money from the franchise all over again. If you’re tired of the tinkering with what was once a classic piece of cinema then don’t buy it the new versions. That’s it, stay home or buy something else. Buy Howard The Duck and make him want to make that piece of shit movie better. We would love to think certain creative people read blogs and websites and listen to podcast that are about them, hear the criticism and try to take it to heart… That’s not the case. You want Lucus to know that he should move on and make non Star Wars movies than don’t buy anything Star Wars. Not the boxsets, not DVDs and blu rays of the cartoon show that was on Cartoon Network, hell don’t go see the 3D re-releases either that are coming… That’s right those who bought this will most likely go see these same movies in 3D when they hit the theatres with no doubt a few more tinkerings along the way. You can’t complain about things (a movie franchise in this case) and still go out and support it by buying it. Where is the point in that?  As of now I will be one of those guys telling fanboys shut the fuck up with the bitching when I do come across Star Wars news and see the fanboys complaining. Lucus has your hard earned cash and could give two shits about you hating what he has done to the franchise because he knows when he chooses to re-release it again you’ll buy it again.


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