10 reasons why I think the economy will not get better

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President Obama has been and will have spent this term, if he is to be re-elected, trying to do something about getting Americans back to work. If he does lose next year things will only get worst because for some strange reason the Republicans feel regulations are the reasons why jobs aren’t being created. The Bush tax cuts were supposed to create jobs and the term “outsourcing” became well known during those eight years. So while corporations are getting tax breaks which freed up money to hire workers some companies chose to send work overseas for cheaper labor. Obama has been caught up in a trend that has long been in the making, the problem is the wrong Americans have been caught up in the mix. It was cool when low income, low educated, high school graduates and those with GEDs lost their job, The talking heads blamed it on lack of higher education. Now those with degrees are applying for many jobs out there in the work force and are being denied. Something no political insider or politician will admit to the public is it’s not going to get better. Those days of coming out of school and getting a job and raising a family and moving up within that company as well making a better life for your family are long gone, anytime states can outsource making bridges I’m sure anything can be outsourced. Here are ten reasons I think this country is in trouble.
  1. We’re a nation built off of free and cheap labor

Our history as a country is to truly get free to the cheapest labor possible, it is in our fabric as a country. It’s right there with racism, having an elitist mindset and wanting to go to war every few years. With slavery we watched states conquer the global market with tobacco and cotton. Many slave owners weren’t against the premise of slavery ending they were against loosing the free labor slaves provided. The average plantation looked like golf courses, some golf courses are old plantations, so imagine the cost of labor with acres and acres of land once the slaves were free and gone. Obama talks about how China is building railroads to connect all those within it’s country, what he doesn’t bring up is that our railroads were build off of free to cheap labor. The Chinese build those rail roads in our American past not to mention those in state prison, remember the old films of the chain gangs hammering away the railroads? That’s cheap labor. It still happens today, a company gives a contract to the government it then goes to a state penitentiary and the inmates work on whatever it is where they get paid maybe a dollar an hour. Right nowChinais working bridges for American cities, those workers are getting paid $12 a day… A day. InAmericaworking on a bridge is big bucks. That job used to mean the difference from living in the ghetto and moving to a nice house in a decent neighborhood. How can we compete with $12 a day?

2.    Education

Another problem we have is our education system sucks if you’re not part of some private school or really good magnet school program. What we are seeing is if your area, community, can afford to invest in the school your child attends then you can get a better outcome education wise. That leaves poor schools behind, that leaves those lower middle class area schools behind. The rich get richer and the poor gets poorer and that really means a lot when it comes young minds not getting adequate education. So with poor education in public school you’ll be wasting time and money trying to get a higher education to get a well paying job.

3.    Retraining workers

There are millions of Americans that need retraining but this has to be an investment program states have to be willing to do. Those in the medical field like the technology field are constantly updated and retrained. Somehow we never really felt the need to do that with other jobs in our country due to the cost. It’s a shame that someone works in the manufacturing industry most of their adult lives lose their job due to cut backs and then are told when going somewhere similar to that last job that they aren’t qualified. Why? Well time has passed and technology has changed drastically and that company is making the same stuff but using different equipment and that person is behind as far as with what’s going on now. That may not be that persons fault but the place of employment before that didn’t invest in new equipment, never the less it now has become a burden to that person looking for work. So Americans in their 40’s and 50’s, hell even their 30’s need to be retrained whether it’s on local, state wide or national level but no one wants to even attempt to do the obvious again because of the cost.

4.    Politics

This goes into mostly everything. Politics… You hear it in the debates, you hear it in sound bytes, you hear the talking heads who have all the answers tell how politics plays a major part in generating jobs. Things need to be voted on whether it’s more or less regulations, or something to with how to tax companies it all boils down to politics. Obama has been trying to encourage small business to take that leap in of faith in the American economy and has offered tax breaks. So far not many people are biting because of one major reason with is…..

5.    Corporate America

CorporateAmericareally runs this country. They’re the ones outsourcing, they the ones trying to convince the politicians to give them what they need by way of donations and lobbyist. A small business owner isn’t shutting down a store and moving to a right to work state that is on par or below the federal minimum wage where he can get cheaper labor because of the lack of unions. That’s Corporate America. They want the tax breaks and the cheap labor. Corporations are finding ways within the law to make drastic cut backs and not be called on it. Again a small business owner with about 40 to 50 workers knows those employees one would think and would find ways to try and keep those employees working. CorporateAmericasees a reason to kill a whole department they do it with a phone call or email. They don’t know those workers across the country in their thousands of branches and how some workers never missed a day, have come in when kids were sick, missed children plays and graduations. Cuts need to be made so they’re done. You get the reason from the news that sounds good to only other people in those positions, the average American is now wondering if their jobs sees things in the same light and will make those same cuts.

6.   Unions

I have no issue with unions, if anything I view unions like I view the civil rights movement and women’s right movement. That means you would have thought the things unions are fighting for would have been offered out of fairness to the workers. I mean to have to join and pay a fee to be part of a group that fights to insure you get better pay and a better health care provider as well guaranteed retirement money and other things is sad. I can see why companies are leaving from one state to another. I don’t agree with it but I see why companies do so. Many people hate unions because it does indirectly kill jobs in areas, the other side is it also sheds light on the foul practices companies are willing to do to save money. Again if companies treated their employees right from the beginning you may not need unions.

7.    Global Economy

Like I said about the bridges being worked on and then shipped back toAmerica, cheaper is the goal. We’ve all heard the stories of out sourcing. What people pay no attention to is foreigners coming here getting their education under some program graduating and going home to run those companies being outsourced. Americans workers are not part of the equation anymore unless you’re in job markets that aren’t going anywhere. Servers at coffee shops and restaurants, the hospitality industry, hospitals, public transportation and working at jails are always hiring. That’s about it these days for an American worker not in the loop that’s something no one wants to tell you.

8.    Racism

I say racism because when corporateAmericagoes for these cheap labor workers it’s people of color from other countries where that $12 a day or $4 an hour really sounds good compared to what they’re used to. That makes the average American (whites) upset and pissed and gives them someone to place blame on other than the corporations. Again look at our past it was always people of color getting caught out there. Back when the average American didn’t see the Irish, Italians and Jews as white they too did cheap labor and helped build this country. A problem now is at one point black men were graduating college and becoming successful. Same can be said Hispanic men. There are many mid to late 40’s people of color born and raised inAmericadoing fine in the middle to upper middle class world. Some how between some odd generational mindset that to be educated is to be “acting white” and the fact that most of those men and women who have made something of themselves aren’t being visible to show what can be achieved and aren’t really reaching out to help people. People of color in some areas for some reason have low expectations and those looking to hire workers go with the American tradition of white people. It’s many factors that play into why unemployment for minorities are much higher than it is for whites and most if not all reasons can be traced back to racism some how.

9.    There are winners and losers

Look, everyone isn’t going to get a job and even all those people who do find work aren’t going to get good paying jobs. Before Obama took office, hell before Reagan took office there were homeless people. People who for some reason couldn’t get over that hump, that’s happening it’s a way of life. Jobs are being phased out or fused into to a couple of other jobs. Today you need to be able to multi task. Then there is as I said outsourcing. What isn’t being worked on overseas is being worked on online. You can order anything online now… Soon Pizza Hut and Dominos will have two to three workers one who answers the phone or reads the orders off the computer and makes the pizzas and two drivers. Going in and ordering will not be an option. Grocery stores really thought the way to go was with self checkout lines and in some places it is working and costing jobs and in others it’s a nightmare because people aren’t tech savvy.  Not being current, modern and knowing how to navigate in today’s world is a fail. Yes that goes back to education and retraining but if that’s not happening and you’re not able to move in today’s world you may be the one on the outside looking in for a long time.

10.    The Health Care Bill

This is the newest twist as to why the American worker will be out of work. We all know how the bill works by now and some states are preparing themselves for whatever happens. As much as those who are against the bill complain it forces you have it some health insurance no one really talks about the employment part of the bill. If you choose to go with another health care provider instead of the one your job offers your job will be fined. That fine is on a per worker basis. What jobs will do is try to get rid of those who they feel aren’t happy with the company’s health care provider before they go out and get a better health care provider because that cost money. Some companies will even drop the coverage like McDonalds claimed they would and not many companies have a worst health care provider than McDonalds. That will result in being fined which will result in people losing their jobs. This health care bill is needed but it will cost people their jobs in the short term until that part of the bill is fixed or the bill itself is killed.


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