Movie Madness: Sony wants you to buy your 3D glasses

RealD 3D glasses

The Hollywood Reporter has a story about how Sony has sent a letter to theatre chains about wanting the movie goers to pay for the 3D glasses they have to use to see the films that are in 3D. Now maybe I’m not getting it but isn’t that why the price is higher? I mean isn’t it a rental fee for the glasses? So, if I do buy the glasses is it a one time thing paying for the glasses? If I show up at a 3D viewing and say I have my own glasses do I pay 2D prices? Yeah, I’m being an ass right now obviously someone is really not connected with the real world at Sony.

The fact is most people are getting tired of 3D films for no real reason other than every fucking movie is in 3D, I’m surprised The Help wasn’t in 3D. Not all movies were filmed with those 3D cameras and definitely not all movies use the technology well at all. Then you have the fact movie theatres have to figure something out because they’ve invested in the craze themselves by converting their screens to show the format. Then there is the crazier and more fucked up thing, when movies with come out you aren’t even offered the 2D option for the first few weeks of the movies releases. It happened with Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows 7 part 2, Captain America The First Avenger and a few other movies this past summer. So yeah maybe some sort of price reduction should be in order if you do own your 3D glasses.

This is really about, as always, a company wanting to save money. Right now Sony pays millions of dollars for those RealD glasses. You add that to the fact they have major movies like The Amazing Spider-Man coming next summer things will be costly on the part of Sony. Will theatre chains accept this idea? The real question is will movie goers go for this idea? Hollywood hasn’t been putting out good movies and again the movies converted into 3D in post production suck quality wise and those that didn’t suck had such subtleness to them that it really wouldn’t have mattered if you saved the extra bucks and had seen it in 2D, that’s if you actually had that choice offered to you. 3D does work for movies like Avatar and Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon and that is more because of the directors vision. Like I said I’d buy the glasses if I knew that I got a cheaper price for the movies afterwards, I’m sure theatres have made their money back by now for converting screens, it’s time movie goers stop fitting the bill for both parties.


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