Thursday Review news

Black Ceezar

So I was listening to The Pro Wrestling Report Thursday show on blogtalk last week which was thirty minutes, just listening to the pace of the show more than the show itself, I don’t watch TNA wrestling. The host handled the short time well enough and he seemed have had gotten what he needed to say out and still had time left over. That got me thinking I may need to go ahead and do something with just thirty minutes.

My plan right now is to do a thirty minute show on reviewing Hip Hop albums. I’m thinking one album and have callers call in or join in through the chat room. I’m sure I can squeeze one or two more albums in that time frame as well but I’m saying one now to be safe. Not sure when to do it because I know the primetime slot is blocked off and I don’t want to be up to late even though the West Coast heads will still be up I’d like to get as many people as I can to listen live. I also know this means listening to albums by artists I really don’t like, I do TRY to keep an open ear and clear mind when I listen to music but I already know this is gonna be hard. I will post the album title I’m reviewing maybe Monday or Tuesday along with the time of the show and take it from there. I’m planning on doing this in November to give myself a chance to handle other projects I have lined up. I will still be writing reviews for other music genres and movies and maybe at some point make a full transition with all my reviews being on blogtalk.

This is just one of the few moves I’m hoping to make in November I will keep you posted on all the other stuff as I sort them out.


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