Did you hear the simultaneous slap the Republican candidates got?

Chris Christie

So Chris Christie and Sarah Palin pass on jumping in an already crowded Republican primary race. The odd part is the Christie claims he was asked to get in the race by some of the big named guys.  Now for weeks the media single handedly made Rick Perry and Mit Romney the main focus. It was speculated on for months that those in the GOP weren’t really happy with the candidates, those remark by Christie about being asked behind the scenes really made it obvious.  To have big named Republicans try to woo someone only those in the know of the Republican party knew about is a major slap in the face of those who have been debating for months now.

What is even crazier is the Republican queen of pop and over exposure too passed on jumping in the race. She may have not been hounded by those big names of the GOP but she was someone the people, the voters,  knew and liked. So a fan favorite and an insider favorite chose not to play ball this go round, what does that mean for the real candidates that we have gotten to know as of late? Well, Romney seems to be the rebound sweetheart right now as it has been stated he has 22 people advising him of foreign policies and 13 for regional and issue type things. Some of those people were with Bush during his terms. Not sure where that puts Perry and Mr.  “999” who took theFloridastraw poll two weeks ago by the way?  One thing is for sure the Republican party has to find someone to rally behind soon. The sooner the better, I mean it took eight years for McCain to feel somewhat comfortable to be the Republican candidate in 08’ and if you ask me many republicans still wasn’t behind the guy. This could be the same scenario for Romney more than Perry if he does come away the candidate to run against Obama. In any event someone will be that person to challenge Obama and to know that your party really had no support for you in the beginning of this run has to sting a bit. A victory is a victory if that person becomes president, this whole incident will be something we relive on some network reflecting on this moment in time.


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