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It was told to the staff I work with one day last week that starting January 1st 2012 the state of Missouri will implement the E Verify thing. This of course makes it harder for illegal citizens to get work and be in the country, supposedly that’s the plan. I know this is all about racism but I also know it’s needed to try and begin to really fix our broken economy. My complaint isn’t the one Obama is throwing around, it’s the one about how cheap labor has brought this country to a freeze when it comes to the middle class. Jobs that once were $12 to $14 are now the state minimum wage at best if not a buck or two higher. All this is because of cheap labor. We are already seeing how things are getting out of hand in Alabama. Children not showing up to school and people not showing up to plants and farms because of an immigration law.

I’ve had the craziest conversation about this with my girlfriend and she claimed I was finding ways to not be harsh about illegal immigrants in our country. I see what she was saying but I personally do think there should be acceptations. I feel and always have felt that if you’ve gotten here, made a life for yourself, gotten a car or two and a house… Meaning done well to ok for yourself and NEVER tried to become a legal citizen, yes you should be punished and even deported. It’s one thing if you got here stayed with family got a job and want to really make a life and you’ve looked into becoming a citizen the right way, those people should get a pass. I mean if you snuck in to the United States and then see this is where you want to be and you go to some government building looking into trying to get a visa or something why not overlook how they got here? The problem is we have many people here who have been here years and have never once tried to become a legal citizen. Yes, it’s a long drawn out process, going to the DMV is a drag and best done on a rainy day when there’s nothing else to do but sleep, but it’s worth it. People come from overseas whether Asia, Africa, The Middle East and Europe and have to pay whatever and go through that long process to become a citizen. We have people in countries above and below us, yes there are people from Canada here that are illegal too, aren’t even trying to go through that proper process to be an American citizen.

Another issue, and one that my girlfriend and I did agree on as we argued that night is those enabling these illegal citizens are the problem also. Whether it’s the places these people work or family members who are legal citizens by birth or application, someone is helping those undocumented citizens people get by. I think the worst thing going on right now is this Hispanic pressure thrown at Obama about him not having an immigration reform bill. Reform what, the law? I mean it’s against the law to be here without proper papers, if caught you should be penalized. These marches, strikes and walkouts are saying fuck the law. If someone is aiding and betting it’s a crime. You’re helping people get a place to live, a car to drive and bob and weave through jobs it’s a crime. To say you’re willing to help them stay here illegally and not try to help them become a citizen is anti – productive. I still believe if someone wants to work and they get a job good, they could have easily gotten here and stayed under the radar and started doing some sort criminal activities, Most don’t, other than being here illegally that is and again I feel if you were under a year you should get a pass if you’ve actually tried to figure out how to be here the right way.

I don’t think much will be accomplished with E Verify because to me the war against illegal immigration is like the war on drugs, it’s targeted at those of color and it just sounds good to hear every once in awhile about a few raids here and there, that’s about it. Nothing will really come from this in my opinion.


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