Strong immigration laws aren’t always the answer just ask Alabama

alabama immigration law

So far since Alabama has put into effect the nations strictest immigration law more harm is being done to Alabamians. Late last month and early this month Hispanics students were vanishing in many Alabama public schools. So far this month employment which was one of the reasons for the law being passed because so many American workers are unemployed, hasn’t went anywhere but further down. Warehouses and Farms are the victims of this new law so far and both parties are making the world see first hand our latest dependency.

Both legal and illegal Hispanic have left the farms with little to no workers, I’m hearing them complain and sound like Mexican President as they admit the job of bending over all day under the hot sun is something Americans aren’t willing to do. Most of the workers they have had approach them about work are looking for tractor work… Sitting on their ass driving up and down acres of land, that’s farm work to Americans. Did the republicans even think about those jobs that have really become dependent on Hispanic workers legal or other wise? There was a statewide walkout of Mexican workers that shut down hundred of poultry plants across the state as well as many other jobs that rely heavily on Mexican workers. Those who run those businesses aren’t thrilled about the outcome of what is happening even if they agree with the law and there lies an issue in itself. People are so against undocumented workers yet need them because they will do the work. All those jobs aren’t cheap labor jobs but a good percentage of them are hard, very hard jobs to do. Again Americans have lost that aspect of being blue collar physical labor workers which leaves many of these jobs in Alabama vacant, and they may be that way for awhile.


2 thoughts on “Strong immigration laws aren’t always the answer just ask Alabama

  1. No, not at all. I think as fast as all these companies are crying foul they need to take a long look in the mirror because they have been playing the game too. It’s sad Americans aren’t build for farming anymore but farmers also need to pay what it’s worth. Everything we eat comes from some farm one way or another whether it’s meat, dairy or junk food. So you have to pay your workers a lot more money to do a hard job. It’s just this job that will fucked up but many jobs across the country as these immigration laws come into effect. If anything one some Republican loses to a Democrat because they want to get rid of the immigration law and those red state business men want their cheap labor back this whole attack on immigration will die. That’s all it takes really.

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