Embarrassing Americans: Herman Cain

Herman Cain

So it’s coming out that Republican Herman Cain has had two sexual harassment charges that came to light Monday night. Now I’m moving past the forgetfulness of Cain and how that caused more problems than the question of what happened. No I’m trying to figure out why would he really be trying to gain some sympathy for what is without a doubt dirty politics? Same can be said with how did Cain not think his past would come up? He, like Schwarzenegger really has no political paper trail ( pre Governor Schwarzenegger) so what else pass his personal life can be manipulated and exposed? This is what happens when you become a front runner and real threat for Mitt Romney even though I’m willing to say Perry people had something to do with making this an issue.

If you’re going to be a Republican there are rules you need to abide by, You have be married and faithful to your wife and from the trend that has been a Republican way of life, if you do cheat it was to be with someone of the same sex. You have to be a man of faith preferably Christianity. You have to have true disdain for people of color but be subtle about it, I know Cain is black but Clarence Thomas does it with such ease so it can be done.  You have to NOT acknowledge your gay family members and sidestep all questions about them until your no longer in office… That’s the Dick Cheney move. Herman Cain like Mitt Romney has to convince people of his reason to even be a Republican. Cain is a businessman, a self made man at that, so yes less government and making it on your own is his mind set. I think the offbeat unnecessary electrical border fence joke was more pandering than anything, but all Americans do feel something needs to done about illegal citizens coming into the our country. Cain hasn’t shown he’s  a “Jesus Freak” so far and he hasn’t and doesn’t seem willing to play the race card in any angle at all. He’s republican by way of being a conservative businessman. He speaks like the non politician or someone who wants to be perceived as a political know it all. That’s why even as the flaws of the 999 plan came from everywhere it still was a selling point to the average American because one would think off of first glance a flat tax would be great. That kind of move shows there is no looking out for corporate America and at this point that’s what going to make Americans feel good about backing a candidate.

Cain should have been honest and said what happened over a decade ago this past Monday night. It would have been something of a topic and then those roundtable discussions would have pointed out many other politicians faults and the harassment charges would have been brought down to earth. Harassment isn’t cheating, it’s flirting or not knowing how to flirt properly with someone who’s just not into you. I know that sounds fucked but is harassment really worse than infidelity with someone of the same sex? I mean we can go down the list of Republicans since 2000 that have fallen into that category. Yes it is a smear campaign and if this is all they have on you be thankful for it. It’s not embezzlement, being connected with some drug money to become a pizza god farther, spousal abuse, drug use, no crazy pastor with fucked up ideas about shit, no claims that he hired illegal citizens to work for him, no far far very far right extreme views and again no questionable political choices that could undermine your conservative stand. Cain should have just kept it real… And please stop breaking into song, that doesn’t look cool at all Herman.


2 thoughts on “Embarrassing Americans: Herman Cain

  1. Things from earlier times are referred to as part of the “past,” not the “pass.”

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