Markus Lee is dead

I don’t know this dude Markus Lee who was gunned down this pass Sunday but I did hear the show episode on Central Standard last year, I even wrote about. Today Central Standard is replaying excerpts of the interview. The problem is for one they chose what to play, it didn’t paint him as a bad guy but let it be known he wasn’t looking to really change his life. Luckily for him during most of his conversation his threw out a nice amount of social commentary that should be addressed not just here in KC but in every ghetto. The other issue and I said it last year was Lee tried to down play who he was and how he was. Listening back to this interview you hear a man choosing his word wisely and you also hear the host Jabulani Leffall challenging a few of his statements, not to call him out but to let his listeners know what some terms really mean since Lee wasn’t going to put those statements in the proper context.

It’s cool Central Standard did this even if it doesn’t feel all the way right. It’s like I’ve said before, for the most part the only time black people make the cover story of The Pitch is when they’re dead or in some real deep shit. Central Standard isn’t on KKFI 90.1 which seems to be catered towards the African American community a bit more and the station I did listen to when I first moved out here. This show is on KCUR and the people that listen to this are the Brookside, Waldo, Plaza types. White, college educated, have money and live no where near the world Markus Lee once lived in. I said it once and I’ll say it again that day of the original interview made me a fan of Central Standard, you saw what the show could become. Along with the nature sows, book shows, tech talk and random feel good sows they could address real issues in poor communities, not just the hood.

It would have been nice if someone would have took the time and not had let Lee push them away to help get him out of the shit he was into. Hearing him speak you knew he knew he should have been doing more with his life and one major reason why he didn’t was he didn’t want to become a “square”. He said in the interview this is someone who goes to work, goes to school, stays home watches the game while drinking a few beers… Living the safe boring life that true OGs if they live long enough get do to. This also makes me go back to how there are no real leaders anymore within that life. For some reason being gangsta and being intelligent no longer goes hand and hand, unless you’re out thinking the system to stay on the streets. Sorry the brother passed the way he did but again I remember the whole interview and I knew like I’m sure Leffall knew he’d be in prison or dead at some point. What happens is all the right things that Lee said will be ignored as he will be summed up as nothing more than another gang member who should be locked up or dead.


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