Embarrassing Americans: Rioting because a coach was fired

Joe Paterno

So Penn State fired Joe Paterno and somehow things turned to a riot out on the campus of Penn State. Why? I mean really, why are people really crying foul? Yes, he wasn’t the actually guy who did it but he is at fault. It’s been said on many occasions as people have sung the praises Paterno that he always checked on his players and really looked out for them. He didn’t look out for them that good because what was going on should have been reported by Paterno himself, then he would have been the hero in all of this. That’s where the problem lies on both ends pro and cons. Paterno didn’t say shit at all, so he should be held as the bad guy too. I mean when an adult is in the house while the other adult is molesting kids both adults are at fault. When a teacher does it and a child tells their parents and those parents don’t take it to the officials those parent are at fault and if the kid tells a teacher and that teacher doesn’t inform someone they become liable. So how does the rule change for Paterno?

One reason is because this is old news. None of these people molested were molested in the last two to four years. Those students have no connection to the crime. We’re in an internet nation now, we only react to things as it happens. It just comes out we jump on it. This news did come out of know where but it was old news, we want nothing to do with that past stuff, we want fresh new stuff. It’s one reason why as much as these females are coming out of nowhere Herman Cain is still doing good in the polls. The media is going by an old school witch hunt dig through the past game that once worked. It’s why the protests and riots became news, it shocked the media that there wasn’t more outrage over this.

Another reason is this seems to be different is because once Paterno name came up the focus switched to him. You rarely heard anyone else mentioned between his name being thrown in and after he was fired. The only reason the real criminal name came up after he was fired was to inform people where this all originated from in general. Yes, Paterno became the story, not the FORMER defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. Paterno was a better target for the media, yes the media is to blame for Paterno becoming the story, I’m not giving him a pass on everything, just that he shouldn’t have become the focus. I mean the president of Penn State was fired too, that was one of those oh and by the way inserts, people don’t even know that persons name. So I could see where the hate comes in a bit for that.

Third and the most telling of our society is we didn’t get to make him a bad guy, the media did it for us. I’m sure if the media hadn’t jumped on Paterno so fast that the people would have made him the bad guy at some point. We’re talking about someone who seem not to notice or not care he had a child molester working for him. Yes that is a reason to hate the guy but we as a people wanted to be able to start the witch hunt, the media beat us to it. Example of this is Martha Steward, the media and government jumped on her little stocks game before anyone in the public got the full story to hate her and look at her career now? She got caught up in that shit right around the Enron scandal and if they would told the story we as the people would have thrown her in the field of greedy rich people stealing. But the media made her a villain and we as the people didn’t. It seems to only count when we do the finger pointing like with Michael Vick. We as the people got to make Vick the bad guy not the media so much, they followed our lead on that. This time the media wanted us to follow them as they singled out Paterno and we didn’t want to.

If these people want to riot and protest, speak out for the victims, feel anger for them. This shouldn’t be about Paterno, it was never about Paterno, you want to be pissed tune out the News networks and have their ratings go down. They somehow transformed a story that was newly revealed but old as fuck into a problem for the next man who was more recognizable. That’s the problem here and the media still gets the upper hand because they’re now reporting about all the stupid shit in that aftermath of the firing of Joe Paterno, so they still get a story in the end.


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