Rick Perry using an old Texas trick to get back in the race

Rick Perry

“It’s three agencies of government when I get there that are gone. Commerce, Education and the um, what’s the third one there? Let’s see. Oh five–commerce, education and the um, um,”

– Rick Perry

So everyone knows by now that Former Texas governor Rick Perry dropped the ball at the last debate not knowing what to say with his big “oops” moment. What people also should know if they don’t is that he has turned that into a good thing. Perry has been making light of his slight mental meltdown and it has been going over well with those republican voters. You add this to that odd speech where Perry looked like someone’s drunken uncle at the family gathering and the news has shifted back to him. Again people need a reason, any reason, not to ride with Mitt Romney and not being stiff person is now starting to be a good enough reason to move Perry up in the poles.

Sounds crazy and familiar, remember Former President Bush being considered the guy voters felt they could have a beer with? Yes it’s all about being comfortable with your President and that could answer a lot of questions of why republican voters didn’t like Obama once it was announced he would be the new President in 08’. Perry does come off as the more every mans guy, the regular Joe if you will. But the fact he really comes off as nothing but a character with a “tell it like it is” “straight shooter” didn’t do much for us as a nation for 8 years. If anything the last Governor turned President from Texas with similar character traits came off almost like a dictator for 6 of his 8 years. Do we really want that again, well those within the Republican Party? Can that really be the only kind of people that republican voters identify with? I mean Reagan kind of was that kind of guy also. I don’t vote republican and the only person that seems to be saying the kind of things that non republicans might be able to ride with is Romney. But he has to win the primaries and this new Perry may not have all of his facts right but people like him and that is what got our last three Presidents in the White House right?


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