The Kubrick Series Episode 5: Redrum

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The Sunday before last I was off work and had finished editing video footage, cause you know I’m working on my mixtape and videos for some tracks. I just felt like putting it out there for no real reason. Anyway while texting my girlfriend I went to blogtalkradio and saw that Movie Geeks United had their latest episode of their Kubrick series. I have been following these guys since I had my own show on the site. They have this nice series breaking down the genius of Stanley Kubrick as they look into many of his films.

This fifth episode broke down The Shining. I remember this movie as a kid and have never really watched it all the way through with all my attention in years. While listening to the show I really was shocked how much I remember about this film, and how I’m still scared of this film as well. The host Jamie can’t think of his last name (don’t know his last name, I’m not sure he ever said it I suck as a fan) broke film down in a few minutes. As he gave a quick run through of the film accompanied by clips of the film, I was reminded why I was so scared as a kid. The way Jamie described the film was the way I saw the film and it just seem so out of the blue the transformation of Jack Torrance played by Jack Nicholson. That’s really summed up how The Shining was to me, some dude went ape shit on his family.

From there the film gets dissected by various people. It’s cool to hear all the angles about this film from what  made Stanley Kubrick want to do this film to how Stephen King was at first thrilled about he idea of Kubrick directing the film of his first best seller and then hated the idea once his screenplay was rejected and hated the movie even more. You get these theories of what The Shining was not trying to say but was saying if you truly paid attention. I mean listening to this made me want to order the damn movie so I can watch it as I listen back to this episode. It had it all from genocide people of color to homosexuality to other racist tones of white superiority which was explained that’s why the hotel didn’t pick Danny Torrance or Dick Hallorann as they both had the shining gift. One guy went as far as playing the film in reverse at the same time as playing it forward and seeing how things parallel one another and also come together. Then there is one theory that Kubrick used The Shining to expose a secret that he had a hand in the fake Apollo moon landing. That one part of this episode is so crazy that even as the guy is breaking it down to Jamie he let’s Jamie know that people think he’s reaching. I even got the feeling Jamie may have thought be bitten off more than he can chew with this theory.

This series has been great so far and this Episode as well as the one about Clockwork Orange A Bit Of Ultraviolence have become my favorites so far. You can listen to everything of this series so far included uncut extensive interviews too, those are really good as well. Click here to check out their page.


2 thoughts on “The Kubrick Series Episode 5: Redrum

  1. Thank you so much for your write-up on our Kubrick Series, and your continued support of our show. We really appreciate it, my friend!

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