10 Hip Hop remixes that completely overshadowed the album version

While making a mix of R&B song remixes that were more successful than the original album version I started to wonder about Hip Hop. Of course there are tons of them and Narrowing it down to en is an injustice. I will do anther one down the road but this one will focus on the ones people really know and may not know are remixes, hell if you have the singles to these like I do some were labeled as “revised”

1.     Black Sheep – The Choice Is Yours

I remember wanting this while i was in Juvie, just the single though. I heard the album version on the 12 inch, it was the b side, go figure. I got the album a months later after i was back on the street. It’s crazy both version are good but the version everyone remembers is just that much better do to the last verse.

2.     Fate Joe – Shit Is Real

The original version is on the Represent album that not people even bought. Hell When Jealous Ones Envy came out any people I know personally thought that was Fat Joe debut album. The remix of “Shit is Real” was included on the Jealous Ones Envy album and since it even had a video it really made you forget the original version.

3.    Method Man & Redman – How High

Always knew this was the remix version and once I heard the regular version on The Show soundtrack album I wasn’t impressed by the beat.

4.   Black Moon – Gotcha Opin

If there ever was a remix that really helped a group out it was this remix by Black Moon. The coolest thing still about the sound of this song is out comes off like someone’s demo. I know back home we thought it was some local act that got airplay. We were even more amp when we saw this video because it was just bland but dope.

5.   Biggie – One More Chance

This is the second more slowed down remix, the one everyone knows. The first remix uses the same samples as Marley Marl and Craig G’s “Droppin Science” . This remix however goes over well with the ladies and since it’s the same dope ass lyrics from the faster remix it still has heat to it. How many people have even heard the original that didn’t own the Ready To Die album?

6.   Brand Nubian – Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down

The label wanted a faster tempo and Diamond D gave them one and a classic was born. The album version is dark as fuck but like most people I too enjoy this version.

7.   Fat Joe – Watch The Sound

Don’t know the back story to this remix and I never have bought the Represent Album so I really have never heard or have tried to hear what the original sounds like. I suspect Diamond made the original beat too, so that’s two songs he remixed that got more exposure.

8.   Public Enemy -Shut Em Down

This is crack and Pete Rock was really in demand and though the Hi[p Hop heads kinda prefer the House Of Pain “Jump Around” remix it hasn’t fully caught on. This remix however did and it’s strange hearing the original version, it’s not a bad version by any means either, it’s just n my life time I’ve heard this version way more and have become used to it

9.   Ras Kass – Soul On Ice

I bought the classic in my mind Soul On Ice album by Ras Kass more so because of “Nature Of The Threat”, but I did want to hear what the original version of “Soul On Ice” was like. It wasn’t bad but it was hot like this shit Rassy (does he spell it like that?) and Diamond D did. This shit here is alone is classic, it was proof that Ras Kass was a problem on the mic.

10.    Eric B. & Rakim – Paid In Full

This version was dope for the parties, I was too young for the clubs in 86 and 87. I did love when this version came on it had tons of shit going o and it stretched out a short ass song. Not sure if it helped Paid In Full sell better but it did get this song airplay, I heard this on the radio more than I did Any song off the Paid In Full album.


2 thoughts on “10 Hip Hop remixes that completely overshadowed the album version

  1. No Doubt. That was on my list then I figured that was such a given I had to pass it up. I get mad when I hear the It Was Written and the album version comes on of Street Dreams. Yeah Nas really tapped into something on that song

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