Inflation on junk food has me feeling old


Every once in a while I post on Twitter and Facebook about how I refuse to pay 75 cents for a small bad of Frito Lay products. So far I have yet to give in and it’s not that I don’t want a bag of Fritos or Cheetos, it’s just I remember 75 cents and three pennies could get me 3 bags not one. Yeah I sound like my parents and their parents which has me feeling much older than I am. I’m a 30 something that just refuses to buy certain things at their current price because I spent a good portion of my life buying them a lot cheaper, like those chips as well as Little Debbie cakes, Grandma cookies and Mystic fruit drinks. My girlfriend loves talking to me about the cost to make things is higher but I just can’t just go with the flow right now. As much I as I hate Wal Mart I have to say they do keep something’s somewhat cheap, not back in the day cheap just compared to the alternative cheap.

From the time I grew up I can remember having a Whopper, they were 99 cents/Quarter pounders were 2 for 2 during the 90’s. Somewhere in my mid 20’s things changed. Hell within the last two years the cheapest value meal in McDonalds has went from $4.89 to $5.39, with the price going from $5.09 to $5.39 in a year. I haven’t bought a Whopper by itself in over a decade, and I just noticed today that the Whopper Jr. isn’t even a buck anymore. Yeah I should be happy the price is making me stay away from fast food but, at the same time I never believed fast food was or is a main factor to this nation’s obesity.

Maybe I’m still holding on to the past or maybe I just don’t really see how the price of so much stuff has increased in so fast. I’d be cool if they bad the bags bigger, made the cakes bigger, but they haven’t and that’s my problem. I can get a 2 liter soda of any brand for 99 cents on any given week in CVS or a grocery store but a 20oz is about 2 bucks? As funny as it looks seeing homeless people walking around with a 2 liter I get it because it’s cheaper than 20oz in any store you go to. In that instance I figure the cost to make soda being the reason the price is high loses its steam. That price hike is purely about what is convenient. The person on the go will get that 20oz and that choice is all you have because there aren’t any single can sodas for sell that much anymore.  I figure the way things are going next year by this time I will be missing these prices… I doubt it, I’ll probably start hitting the Wholesale spots up. I know I have to when it comes to peanut butter because the price of that is just out of hand right. I know why and I will pay the price of peanut butter only because it truly is about how the peanut fields had a bad season. Pass peanut butter I can’t give in at all so I will start buying boxes and cases of snack foods and beverages.

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