Embarrassing Americans: The new reason your child can be taken from you… Obesity

fat kid

First off of course it’s starting out as a slow week, this news popped up yesterday and the incident itself is a month old. I hate slow news weeks. So, an 8 year old boy in Ohio was taken from his mother because it seems she didn’t follow the doctor’s diet plan to help the child who is over 200lbs, or was at the time, this is old news remember, lose his weight. Yes I was shocked when I read the first line and saw the kid was just 8 years old and was heavier than I am or have ever been. It seems like overkill to even place a child in a foster home for this. I mean foster homes don’t really have a good track record when it comes to keeping kids safe and caring for their wellbeing. He could gain even more weight there and then what?

Is the problem the mother though? Is it the fast food or junk food? Is the blame on the boy who could easily have been sneaking food at some point without his mother’s knowledge? What’s the kid life like, does he run around outside or do anything that requires a lot of moving physically? I mean that is a piece of this puzzle. Place the kid in some pee wee football league, trust me until he really loses his weight a football coach will put his weight to good use. How those who chose to place the kid in foster home didn’t think to put him on a football team or some team is crazy. And while it comes off as punishment to the boy’s mother it really places the burden on the boy. He has now been told and shown that if he doesn’t keep his weight down he will be taken from his mother or may not even go home to her at all. There’s no report of abuse physical, sexual or mental, it’s just he started gaining weight again. I figure the people who had a hand in this idea to take the boy away from his mother aren’t close to people who diet. Everyone knows some people lose weight then at some point gain it again and this could have been the case without a doubt. He’s 8 and any parent will try to cut down the intake of certain foods but still let their kid be a kid.

Child obesity is the big issue and has been for over a decade and I understand trying to protect children from getting diabetes and whatever else can come with overweight issues. This here is a bit too much and I’m going to say it, the mother may lose her son. It’s reported that this is the issue they have with her as a parent, her child is obese. She’s going against a doctor and the state and if all these fools who really love to put the bad parent sticker on people show up that really makes it an issue. One thing you’re not really getting information about is the life they live. How is the mother financially, is she obese, is she depressed, is he depressed, is he a loner, does he get picked on in school or in the neighborhood and find peace in eating a certain thing like ice cream and again is he active? I grew up by a gang of convenient stores and fast food spots. No, I didn’t become obese but every click during my youth had at least two fat kids riding with them and they seem to really rack up at the stores. You want to change this child’s life start with the home, not taking him away from it. I don’t know the whole story, no one really does because every site running this story is saying all the same things. It’s a month old so what people want you to know is now out there and the other things are kept back. That’s the life a slapped together story when it’s slow news week. By Friday no one will even be attempting to follow this story up even locally in Ohio.


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