Sunday Soul Session starting next year

Sunday Soul Session logo

So it’s official next year I will be pushing Sunday Soul Session starting the January the 7th. I’m still putting together mixes right now and trying to not have them become repetitive. As of now I’m thinking of doing a Motown review, Stax vs.Motwon, Dramatics vs. The Dells, A Beatles Tribute where I play Jazz and R&B cover of Beatles songs, Quiet Storm mixes (a homage to Phil Nelson and 103 Jamz quiet storm days back home in the 757), Soundtrack to the streets (songs from movie soundtracks), cover song mixes, best duo and groups mixes and original sample mixes. I have other ideas too as well as just random mixes. So tell a friend to tell a friend if they’re into soul music new and old, soulful music is coming every Sunday next year.

I chose to ride with Soundcloud because I don’t have to have a track list and I really wouldn’t do one for the original sample mixes. I also may have to have an alternative download link because I think Soundcoud only allows 100 downloads. This also is me letting it be known I will start posting on here (The Collective Conscious) on the weekend. To check me out on soundcloud click here.  Follow me on Twiiter Black_Ceez and get at me FB here.


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