Embarrassing Americans Time Magazine doesn’t think Americans can handle the truth

Time magazine cover
By now Americans have seen the cover of Time magazine showing a cartoon about how anxiety can be good for you. How many people know what the other cover looks like? Yes that picture above is the cover around the world while we here in American get a fluff cover.

I don’t have to say much as this video clips says everything I feel and have been saying for years. As a country we have become soft and really don’t want the truth, it’s why we as a country aren’t willing to look outside of the two political parties or aren’t looking at what is happening to countries using the euro. We are cool with news networks that are taking sides and will feed you jaded news that goes with your politics and views on things. It’s more like as a country we have become so divided that we can’t agree on the truth and that is that the world is changing and we’re no longer in the lead and the world really doesn’t need us as much as we love to believe. While the world is protesting for real change we have The Tea Party and Occupy movement and one is becoming news only because the police is getting physical.  We know what stars are together or breaking up, or having a breakdown and what major league sports labor issues are but have no idea how messed up our labor laws are to its citizens. Anyway the clip really breaks a lot down.


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