My people part 1

Sara Beartman

Last Friday, while many other people were getting ready to hit the night life and have a good time I came home from work and popped in Bamboozled by Spike Lee.  I ended up watching it then watching the making of Documentary in the special feature section. From there I jumped on Facebook and a friend had a youtube video posted about Sara Beartman. If you don’t know about her look at the video clip.

My comment was if people did see this would it change anything? As DeDe Hunt ties our past to our present would people really view themselves different? The sad truth is we’re not viewed by pop culture in a positive light and to be viewed as sexy, more sexual than sexy to be honest, it’s considered good attention. Everyone wants to be considered attractive, the problem is black women and African Americans in general have become walking stereotypes. Ignorance is bliss but once you have been informed that there is nothing different between then and now and you still choose to go out and be eye candy with no name just a big ass, how do you fault other people? In today’s world we are choosing to disrespect ourselves on so many levels. I used to read XXL and have read the video vixens section and they have not one profound thing to say, the problem then becomes what are they supposed to say? What profound statement are you expecting from females who because of the fullness of their ass they’re in demand by rappers and video directors. Yes I know some of them are intelligent and have more to them than their ass to fall back on (pun intended) but when you’re in a music video showing your ass off it’s hard to believe that you have more to offer.

It’s not just the sisters either, maybe because I’m older now I have noticed dudes really love playing the role that is expected of us as black men. I understand for some it’s a way of life and there is no “act” at all and that in of it’s self is scary because I’ve seen old ass men throwing up gang signs and wearing rags. But right now I mean the brothers who really go out of their way to “be black”. The ones who go to the clubs and put their best baller, thug and goon mask on. What becomes sad is the more white people that are around the more they (the black dudes) show out, they have feed the stereotype. Now I’m not saying all white chicks are this way because I know more than my share of females white and and other races that get turned off by all the “acting black” shit brothers will do. Some white chicks love it though, I’ve heard them say they looking for a “thug” which for them means black guy from the hood who looks like will pop a cap in your ass. What you see is brothers playing the role because it’s about attention and being viewed as sexy. You wear a certain kind of wardrobe, speak in a certain way and carry yourself a certain way to fit that vision of what a black man should look like. It’s in our music, magazines and online. Again if these brothers knew there is nothing different between them “acting black” and the black studs on the auction block during slavery times would they switch up?

I don’t watch BET haven’t since 04’ and when I watch Hip Hop videos it’s mostly underground Hip Hop where a big butt isn’t shown a lot if at all. You go to youtube and read comments on how those videos are boring, then there is a comment somewhere down the line stating how it’s better than seeing cars, jewelry and ass. There really isn’t anything different from back in the day to now besides the fact that we are willing to put ourselves on display because as we all know it seems to be the only time we’re on television. So can we blame white people for this new black exploitation that is clearly self exploitation? If you really took the time to look at our history as African Americans and see the cycle, would you break that cycle or keep it going?  It’s a question I ask my people


2 thoughts on “My people part 1

  1. Nice comments. As long as people put money in front of everything, including their self esteem, things will not change. As long as women can make more quick money shaking it in a strip club, than working a regular job, nothing will change. Sad.

  2. Yeah and it gets worst when that job'” is no longer profitable for those women and they have nothing else to fall back on. It’s going to take some ex video chick or stripper to make the rounds and explain the not as cool afterlife for people to even rethink things, and that’s if anyone gives her an outlet to be heard. Even then the fast money may speak louder than that message

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