Just say no Mitt

No Mitt Romney
Let me pose a hypothetical question to you. You’re applying for a job, a major job, along with seven other people. During this long process of interviewing you seem to always be the top candidate for the job with all the other people changing rankings. Then one day you hear that the place you’re looking to get hired at is willing to ask another guy who wasn’t even thinking of the job to apply and the thought of him coming almost insured he’d get the job. Again you’re the one constant front runner in this pool of candidates and for some reason this place is not willing to hire you, what do you do? Stick it out until they see you were the right person for the job, stick it out until you get the job despite the unwillingness to hire you or get so fed up with all this in your face disrespect that you quit trying to get that job?

That’s Mitt Romney right now.  It’s no secret that the republican voters that are getting interviewed and those who seem to matter the most to the media are not looking to Mitt Romney at all. The best thing Newt and Ron Paul have done so far was wait it out until they got a chance to be in the spotlight. This has to be painful to Mitt, to anyone that is running for office and they’re seeing that those within their party aren’t willing to vote for them. I mean at this point it must be a pride thing, he wants to show he was the right guy for the job  all along and the people just have to accept that… This only works if Mitt does become the guy to face off against Obama. But why keep going through this open backlash? I mean if it’s a big deal to go against you for everything under the sun, why stay in the race? Would you even want the support of these people come election time and if you get the votes wouldn’t it really be more of a anything is better than four more years of Obama and not because Romney is the better man?

Mitt Romney is falling into a case of what our country has become, people wanting to be liked. I’m sure those with old school values and self respect would defend Romney if he was to drop out due to all the in house hate he’s getting. But today we have to be liked and that’s what it’s boiling down to anyway, who do you like. Newt isn’t doing as well for the same reason and yes people like Perry but he’s fucking himself up and no one really think he has a chance against Obama in a debate. So things swing back to the person no one really likes but looks to be the best person for the job. At this point I feel sorry for Mitt Romney, and years down the road I will be the first to read the book or watch the documentary about this Republican primary race because someone will spill the beans on how Romney was able to keep the blind act up for so long and not just say fuck these people and go on some off the cuff rant blasting his party for putting him through hell. Yeah I can’t wait that tell all to come out.


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