Day 1 of what I thought was hot this year in 2011

Hip Hop Album: Dj Quik Book OF David

Book Of David Quik

It was cool hearing West Coast vets make not really a comeback but more of a contribution to a good year in Hip Hop. Book Of David plays like a feel good ride where you come away feeling it was a fun to make this album. Jon B. Krayzie Bone and BlaKKazz K K even Ice Cube showed up to make the album a good listen. Quik showed he still has shit on lock with the beats and his bars are way better than I remember them from the late 90’s. This was West Coast Hip Hop at it’s best from the sound to just the vibe of the album

Hip Hop Song:   Focus Feat. Rapper Big Pooh and Chaundon Idols And Role Models

When I first heard this song the beat got my attention then the bars really just made sense as the song went on. It’s lost art hearing songs that are saying something these days. The message in the song is on point more so Chaundon verse than Pooh who isn’t ass on the mic at all. I know I was playing this for months and it still gets love when it comes on shuffle in the Ipod.

Non Hip Hop Album: Marsha Ambrosius Late Nights, Early Mornings

Late Nights Early Mornings
It feels good to see someone actually leave the Aftermath label and go on to really good career. The former song bird for Floetry has made many changes from weight to look to just pure music vibe. For some reason I thought Late Nights, Early Mornings would be like every fucking thing else in R&B, I was wrong. There are a few songs that scream give me airplay but this album is not like everything else in R&B right now… There are real song writing skills being shown. Ambrosius even gets her Stevie, Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, thing poppin, meaning she records a song she wrote for another artist. That artist being the legendary Michael Jackson and the song being “Butterfly”, I like the first version but it is by all rights her song so it’s all love. I am so glad I gave this album a chance.

Non Hip Hop song: Cee – Lo Green Fool For You

Quick note: I really don’t have Non Hip Hop Songs this year but this was the only way to show this song love because I really wasn’t feeling the album as a whole

Say what you want about the one time Goodie Mob member turned maybe b list celebrity at best Cee-Lo, just make sure you mention he makes good music. “Fool For You” is soulful and funky and has nice vibe that makes you feel like it’s been here before. I might not like The Lady Killer album but I do fuck with a few songs and this is one that I keep going back too.

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