Day 2 of what I thought was hot this year 2011

Hip Hop Album: Pharoahe Monch WAR We Are Renegades

Pharoahe Monch  W.A.R
Pharoahe Monch has been dropping these kinda albums his whole solo career to be honest. This time it’s the beats that really make this stand out this year. When I heard “Clap” I was like What The Fuck? This album goes through mood swings yet it keeps inline with the theme of the title itself. If Pharoahe doesn’t make it in your top 50 MC’s list your list sucks… No debate it just doe.  This album proves that Hip Hop can still be used as a tool to educate the masses if they ever choose to listen.

Hip Hop Song Jay Electronica Jazzamatazz Guru Tribute

This came out last December so I feel it’s right to place it as a song of the year for me. If you follow me on twitter checked me on Facebook you know I’ve been dropping quotes from this song all year long. Don’t know if it’s the beat or the fact Jay really gets it in on this track but it really has stuck with me and that’s a good thing. Haven’t completely feel in love with the post signing tot Roc Nation stuff but this was a must have

Non Hip Hop album: Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi Rome


First off I don’t know what the hell made me get this album? Could have been the cover or the fact I think Danger Mouse is a sure thing with any project he is a part of. This album is so lush… I can’t say anything pass that, you feel like it’s a soundtrack to a really well written foreign film. I read somewhere that was the idea as these two men Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi bring a beautiful album out. I think if this was the soundtrack to Green Lantern people would have loved it, just saying this album can save anything even that fucking movie. If you’re cool with exploring other genres of music this is a nice place to stop and enjoy the sounds.


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