Day 3 of what I thought was hot this year 2011

Hip Hop Album: Evidence Cats And Dogs

Evidence Cats And Dogs
This album came so out of the blue to me, I don’t keep up with Evidence. I like whatever the Weatherman drops and this is no acceptation. From the beats to the guest many of whom I didn’t see coming together on a track, I mean you get Reakwon and Ras Kass on the same fucking song? Come on that’s shit is crazy right there.  The one flaw and it is minor is the line swippin Evidence does of many Jay – Z songs, but to be fair Hov does it to Big so it is what it is. Cats And Dogs is straight boom bap West Coast Hip Hop.

Hip Hop Song: Reakwon feat. Nas Rich and Black

This is the true highlight of the Wu Tang Vs. Shaolin album. Hearing these two weave through the song was classic. It’s sad that they connect every few years on a track but it also makes it worth the wait.

Non Hip Hop Album: Miguel Zenon Alma Adentro:The Puerto Rican Songbook

Miguel Zenon Alma Adentro:The Puerto Rican Songbook

Miguel Zenon pays homage to song writers from Puerto Rico with this album. This is a Jazz album, there’s nothing fused with it or contemporary about this. This is that jazz that when you hear it you’re hooked and lost in the music. Music is universal and has no limits and great music really exemplifies that fact. The pieces of music Zenon chose are really good and it’s nice to open the world up to what Puerto  Rico has musically.

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