Day 5 of what I thought was hot this year 2011

Hip Hop Album: Phonte Charity Starts At Home

Phonte Charity Starts At Home

This album is pure grown man Hip Hop nothing but life in these songs. The beats match up well with the lyrics whether Phonte chooses to spit or sing, and yeah he sings on a few of these songs. Little Brother had always been that grounded group, the dudes who didn’t come off like they needed to play the role of a rappers and Charity Starts At Home keeps that vibe strong. The more you listen to it the more you wonder is this his life (Phonte) that he’s talking about or just a group of stories thrown together because in the end of the day it’s all real and anyone listening can identify with them?

Hip Hop Song: Beanie Sigel B Boy Stance

FRESH!!! That’s all I can say about this song. This is pure Hip Hop and it’s from Beanie Sigel… Yeah I’m one of those dudes who think, or thought, Beanie was a one trick pony. This right here shows he can switch it up when he needs to. This is a great track.

Non Hip Hop Album: Goapele Break Of Down

Goapele Break Of Down

This short ride of an album is filled with nice mid tempo funk to slow jam worthy songs. There times where it seems that Goapele tries to fit in with “Right Here” but pass that it’s not a bad album. Of course you’d have to hunt it down. I came across it because I heard “Milk & Honey” and thought I missed out on an album of hers (Goapele), which I almost did if it wasn’t for that song. It’s typical Goapele yes but she always brings good music so it’s not like that’s a bad thing at all. I’m glad I got this album.

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