Day 6 of What I thought was hot this year 2011

Hip Hop Album: KRS-ONE and Bumpy Knuckles Royalty Check

krs one and bumpy knuckles

I remember when I heard these two had worked on an album and I heard “Just You” a few years back, I feel in love with that song. Now there is a whole album and to be fair like most of their work as of late it snuck under the radar. This is real Hip Hop, the beats are straight Boom Bap, the bars on point, its Kris and Freddie Foxxx what else you expect? The contrast in delivery actually works together when they do share tracks because there are solo shot on here. From topics you them speak on to the beats they rock over to just hearing these legends take it back to Edutainment, if feels good to hear this. if you don’t know about that album (Edutainment) and this album you need to get on your job.

Hip Hop Song: Royce Da 5’ 9” Writers Block DJ Premier Remix

There’s something about “Writers Block” that many people may have not noticed. That is that there are three count them 3 things happening and it only comes full circle when watching the video for this song. One is that a good MC can kill any beat given to him, two the sound in Hip Hop and what is now the norm is really different and has been for years and three is the difference between an ok beat and a true gutter beat really elevates a song.  Royce is killing shit with the bars yes but I personally didn’t like this song because of the original beat. Then I heard the Preem remix and shit switched real quick so much so that while listening to the album and the regular version came on I didn’t know what the fuck it was. The remix, which is the last song, is a real Hip Hop banger, I almost thought it was some M.O.P shit when I first heard the instrumental playin in a mix, then the bars popped in and I was like yeah this is it right here. This shit goes hard.

Non Hip Hop Album: Death Cab For Cutie Codes And Keys

death cab for cutie

First off there is something different about this album, you have to announce that right out the gate. That has been a complaint and kinda goes against everything that makes an artist an artist, if they keep giving you same shit where’s the fun in that? I will admit Codes and Keys can get a bit too gloomy but it still has a lot to offer. This would not be considered at this point in their career one of their better albums but it still is a highlight album of the year. There were times as this album played I realized just how much simple yet well thought out song writing is so much of an lost art. Not the few words, but very complex shit, no I mean simple words that really say a lot type of song writing. I consider myself a fan of Death Cab For Cutie and again this isn’t the best offering but it’s better than a lot of shit I’ve heard released this year.


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