Embarrassing American: Kim Kardashian and Kanye getting press because?

kanye and kim
Somehow this odd couple became real pop news last week. Why are we following Kim Kardashian so fucking hard? She is a D list celebrity at best. You know one of those people who either became famous because of a sextape or a reality show. She followed Paris Hilton, got exposed via sextape and then found her self in a reality show that was supposed to be about the family but everyone knows how the show came about. From there she has become tabloid news main feature. I swear it seems if she feels people aren’t thinking of her she does something to get attention again. For some reason we, well other people because I don’t give a fuck about this chick at all, really follow the stories about her.

Let me tell it when you take away the tabloids and E! she is nothing more than a rich ass groupie broad.  Her debut to the masses came in the lamest of lame sextapes with Ray J. That helped prove something that I always suspected which is rich girls are bad fucks. Paris looked awful Kim looked awful, hell the two chicks Dustin Diamond fucked were awful. Back to Kim who has now come back to recording artists after making the rounds in the sports world. There really isn’t shit different between her and Superhead or any round the way broke ass hoe chick except her pay scale. Hell I wouldn’t even want my face to close to hers just from thought of what’s been all over it. Yeah yeah yeah people bath but would you eat your dinner in the bathroom right after you cleaned it? No? I thought so, because it’s about what you know goes on there.. Point goes to me. Look if she really was looking for something real in her life she could easily get with some brother that comes from money who makes the round in the L.A. scene. I’m sure there is some African American socialite out there for her since everyone is hoping she finds a good guy, there you go.  I think the problem is her and not the guys she deals with, they know she is a groupie those that seem to think she makes bad choices in men haven’t caught on yet. My theory is the men have to be famous a rich guy with no fame isn’t enough for her, she doesn’t want happiness she wants attention. There’s nothing news worthy about some dude the average person doesn’t know, she’s been there with the lame ass guy she married… Come on say his name. You Can’t do it can you? See. Who doesn’t know Kanye West?

Then there is Kanye West, I’m starting to think he has to get with these kinds of chicks to show he gets pussy. I’m sorry but if the Mister Cee factor popped off and Kanye was the guy in it I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m not saying he is gay I’m saying it wouldn’t surprise me if he was. Kanye is a self absorbed crybaby. You hear in his older songs where he said he would go broke,  miss rent and all kinds of shit for the most expensive shit to wear. Now he has money so now it’s to be seen with certain chicks, that’s the new shoes, coats and cars. Kinda sad how I summed those chicks he fucking to be nothing but walking material items? Fuck em. The thing is no one cares who he is fucking because it’s Kanye so you already figure it’s cause he has money. This isn’t like finding out Janet Jackson married Jermaine Dupri or Will was getting with Jada or Justine with Britney or 50 and Vivica Fox. This is some dude wanting to come off like he got it like that and he gets with groupie chicks that every regular dude thinks is hot and every dude who has some exposure as a celeb has fucked. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if all Kim and Kanye do is gossip, shop and get their nails and hair done together, make appearances at the right clubs and events and make one sextape to show that Kanye he is fucking her, that’s more for the benefit of Kanye. So what do we call them? K&K, KKK, K and Ye? Fuck it, I’ll leave that to the tabloid people because they know how to name em but then Kanye has to like it. I’m lost this is the bull shit celebs we have to follow these days, a suspect rapper and socialite groupie. WTF?


5 thoughts on “Embarrassing American: Kim Kardashian and Kanye getting press because?

  1. What I don’t get is why brothers are lining up around the block to hit a SKANK who’s best know for having no talent, a surgically altered ass and the best thing she’s ever done in front of a camera is make a sex tape. The woman has no talent and she’s just a door knob. Everybody gets a turn.

    Kanye might be using Kim as a beard. She’s a jock jumper and he’s not exactly her usual conquest. I wouldn’t hit that punnanny with a box of condoms and a bioghazard suit. Ew.

  2. This is so sad, but unfortunately so many people get “caught up in the hype” that they forget all about the facts. They forget that this woman has no talent, they forget that she became famous for a sex tape etc. And they just see her manufactured success and they want to know all about her. But honestly this is to be expected, the more you expose about yourself to the world, the more they will want to know. If you share a piece of your life, it leaves people waiting to see more, especially if it is filled with gossip, foolishness, big spending, sex, ignorance, and the list goes on. You blog so I am sure people have probably contacted you asking for personal information, or have done things just to be nosy, and that is simply because through your blog you are sharing a glimpse of your life with the world. Anyone with the right hype behind them can become famous, and often for all of the wrong reasons… As for Kanye, well that’s just who he is, Remember he is an only child and he was more than likely as a child made to feel like his opinion, his thoughts, the way he wanted to do things were important. These are the values that were instilled in him, so now as an adult, he really thinks the world cares about what he wants, or thinks, or feels, etc. and in no way am I giving him a pass, but I am just speculating why he does what he does. Anyway, great thought provoking post!

  3. No doubt threadinducedeuphoria, your right about both parties involved. It’s funny I haven’t really paid attention to Kanye since Last Registration around when i thought he’d be a voice for the people after the Bush Hates black people thing. I’m upset it was on CNN and NPR like it was really important news

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