Day 7 of what I thought was of this year 2011

Hip Hop Album: Reks Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme

Reks Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme

Not many people heard of Reks for some reason and not to sound fucked up but I think Reks is way better on the mic than Termanology who also was getting mad love and part of the whole Show Off roster. Still this album comes off like Reks really wanted to get as many ideas of his chest that he could. That’s not a complaint at all because it shows the layer of an artist and the album offers a lot. Even as you see all the heavyweight producers who laced Reks with beats it never comes off forced. If there is something to be said about this album it is that it’s dark, not we go hard kill everybody in sight dark, but very introspective dark. By today’s Hip Hop standard that’s a no no unless you can make that bitterness a catchy little song that gets radio play. This isn’t the average Hip Hop album and as a MC Reks wouldn’t get too many features because he is a beast and no one wants to be outshined on their own song.

Hip Hop Song: Naughty By Nature Flags

Here is another song released late last year but the video came out this year. And the video is really the saving grace here more than the song itself as the video plays out like a mini movie. Naughty By Nature has always been dope and underrated for some reason but they really came through with this song and video.

Non Hip Hop Album: Drive the soundtrack

drive soundtrack

Yeah I haven’t seen this flick yet and I want to, but I do have the soundtrack and I love it. I’m not big on 80’s music or this kind of music on a regular basis but for some reason this album appealed to me. The more I played it the more I liked it. After the songs it’s just the scores from the film which are just crazy when you’re listening to them and have nothing to watch. Still I fucked with this hard this year.


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