Why should Republicans reach out to Latino voters?

vote aqui

There seems to be some new issue about how Latinos are the fastest growing minority in the U.S. and how they may affect the elections for the Republicans. I’m sorry that shit always sound contradicting because if Latinos out number African Americans that would mean we are still the minority definition in the word right? Never mind its code for non whites. How silly of me to put commonsense into that term. So should they focus on trying to get Latino voters?

I think not personally. Well I mean not trying to single them out and African Americans too. One reason is because if a political party or any corporation in any aspect goes out their way to get the attention of minorities as a separate group what you’re basically saying is you’re (minorities) second and third class citizens that really aren’t part of our broader picture. I mean if you’re willing to try to address our issues and concerns as minorities as if our concerns and issues are totally different from whites in this country the problem really lies with you. Yes by all rights and historic examples to rely on minorities do have higher unemployment numbers as well as incarceration and drop out numbers. Politicians can’t help that, that is a psychological thing, people have to want to view minorities as equals. To have politicians feel they have to go out of their way to talk to us keeps this country in a position where it feels there are different Americas with different Americans. We all want better education, jobs and some kind of affordable, reliable and reasonable health care system. So politicians will go to African American events and then Latino events and then just general events where White Americans are. Again it seems to be a psychological we as minorities aren’t invited to go to those get togethers at city hall, town hall meetings, the meet and greets or debates and White Americans aren’t to forthcoming with inviting us as minorities to these events either.. So when these politicians feel they have to go out of their way to speak to us as American citizens in a separate event where white people aren’t seen at it says we aren’t part of the bigger picture. It says this is where you belong as minorities, in a lane just for you. Hell politicians won’t even attempt to kill two birds with one stone and get the Latinos and African Americans to meet at the same event. Of course that will unite the two minorities and the whole divide and conquer game they have played with us for decades would slowly die and that wouldn’t look good for either political party.  The “focusing” on us by race and not as follow Americans alone loses my vote for that party and candidate, but that’s just me.


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