Day 9 of what I thought was hot this year 2011

Hip Hop Album: Jay Rock Follow Me Home

jay rock follow me home

West Coast Hip Hop really made the world respect them again. Jay Rock does hit you in the head with the same old bull shit that radio rappers give you but unlike them he has more to offer by way of lyrical skills. The bars are on point, even when it’s simple minded shit the bars are still better than a lot of shit makes the rounds. The beats are pure West Coast and he flow to them is just crazy. Not sure why people not showing son love but I fuck with this album.

Hip Hop Song: Jay – Z and Kanye West Murder To Excellence

I hate Watch The Throne, I say that every chance I get, like just then, but I love this song. A good song is a good song and this is that. From the beat switching up as well as the topic to the fact this comes off as one of the few songs they seem to had put some thought into on this album. I can’t front on this song at all… Btw, I HATE WATCH THE THRONE… I think it’s out of my system now, maybe.

Non Hip Hop Album: Me’shell Ndegeocello Weather

weather  Me’shell NdegeOcello

This album is that kind of album you play when you’re in a certain mood. That mood would be a bit blue to be honest. I love music that helps flush out a mood, vibe, funk and feeling you have at that time. I’m sure some people wouldn’t like this album because today everything has to be upbeat and happy. Weather is just another stance as an artist when it comes to Ndegeocello. She is always a welcomed breathe of fresh air when she releases an album and Weather feels good to me.

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