Day 10 of what I thought was hot this year 2011

Hmmm I noticed I never got to day ten last year because I was doing this all wrong and ended up getting busy. Well you live you learn.

Hip Hop Album: Styles P Master Of Ceremonies

Master of Ceremonies

This by far is one of the hardest albums released this year. I mean real Hip Hop, real G shit, Real Gutter go hard shit. The beats may at the surface sound like the shit the next dude will spit/sing over but then drum mostly the snares keep them hood. Styles as usual is all over the place and that’s always been a cool thing in my book. It’s a bit guest heavy but those who show up add to the mix well. It’s good when hardcore gutter Hip Hop also has age and wisdom blended in with it cause God knows you can’t act like you’re in your late teen mid 20’s forever… I know many are trying and that’s about as cute as pit bull dressed up as babies and being pushed in strollers at places like Pet’s Mart, I seen that one day no lie… Awkward (it’s best you say it in a high pitch voice and shake your hands lightly as you stretch the word)

Hip Hop Song: Sha Stimuli The Realest

This song really put the game in perspective, you hear how listeners view shit and how MC’s feel and the way the game is just on some entertainment shit. Every year a song comes out like this and they all way are good. This one deals with Sha Stimuli building with a fan about what album to buy. The beat is ill and the verses are on point. Like most of what I feel this isn’t what makes the rounds… Too bad we need more people breaking the game down to the listeners.

Non Hip Hop Album: Anthony Hamilton Back To Love

anthony hamilton back to love

I really saved slots for a few albums hoping that would be that good. Back To Love was one of those albums. I mean if the movie world can wait for movies this month to come out and deem them as some of the best I figure I can do the same with my list. I know with “Woo” people who love good music like I do was like your boy come up soft this go round. Well the funny thing is that’s the only song I’ not feeling on the who album. This isn’t a return to the band backing him up grounded sound but it’s not all looped up beats like Point Of It All either. To be honest music was never the really reason a person would fuck with A Ham anyway it was his vocals and the words to the songs. I’m glad I held out a spot for this album. Anthony Hamilton has become a reliable source for grown man music since 03.

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