Why is Dirty Dancing is a classic?

dirty dancing

If you don’t know there will be a Dirty Dancing remake coming by the end of the year or the next. I’m not predicting this, it’s a fact.  Kenny Ortega who is director of the High School Musical franchise is the  man behind this film. That automatically has one to believe this will have tween stars and well choreographed dance moves throughout the whole movie. That’s cool I guess the problem is that’s not Dirty Dancing. Dirty Dancing didn’t rely on dance numbers, if you take out the few times you saw the rehearsals the movie would still run smooth. That well choreographed dance number doesn’t really come into play until the climax of the film.

The Footloose remake did well. I didn’t watch that movie and really have no plans on watching it but I have heard it was very similar to the original. The Original Footloose isn’t as big as Dirty Dancing in my opinion. Dirty Dancing is so much more to so many people. What made that movie work was it was a period piece, it was set in 1963. That gave the movie a nice soundtrack of just great music from the past, that got those in their 20’s 30’s and 40’s somethings of all races on board. The story of a young innocent girl falling for a bad boy dance instructor is what appealed to younger girls during the late 80’s and 90’s. I think everyone has seen the original Dirty Dancing at least twice in their life.

The movie was very much an adult film that because of the dancing and relationship between Baby and Johnny younger people liked it. There were even a few other subplots weaved in the film that helped flush out the on goings at the resort. Do I think all the things that make the movie a classic will become watered down and made to appeal to a younger audience? Yes I do. It may have to unless they focus on the same period the original did. I mean the movie was released in 1987. That’s a twenty four year distance so if the new version chose to go back about twenty years that would be late 80’s and the 90’s and the music then isn’t as universal as what was played in the original Dirty Dancing. The music played a major part of that movie because it had a feel to itself. By the 90’s music became segregated thanks to MTV and there wasn’t really a pop sound to Dirty Dancing.  If they chose to make it modern and still keep the taboo of rich wealthy kids sneaking around poorer dance instructors that would indicate we still are living in a country where there is a class war going on. I mean we are but would you want that played out in 2011, that’s why it was easier to believe in the 1963 setting. Then the plot may be hindered because again there was adult content like an abortion scene in the original movie. The way we have all these pro lifers that may not go down well then it could also come off like there is an encouragement of young people having sex even though in the original everyone is 18 and over, I figure they would have a few 16 and 17 year olds sprinkled in the remake. There were no singing musical scenes either that may appear in the remake.

Dirty Dancing may be a case of the right movie at the right time and there is no way to try to capture lightning in a bottle twice. This may end up being like the Havana Nights, only Dirty Dancing by name alone and that did not end well at all. There are many elements at play that made Dirty Dancing classic and by today’s standard it doesn’t get love from a lot of younger people like it did say 15 years ago. So unless they make it modern or keep it in the 60’s and have it play out more like a musical Dirty Dancing will again appeal to those late 20 somethings to those in their late 40’s and 50’s who remember the original fondly. I doubt that will happen because movies are no longer presented for adults. Hate to be a skeptic but I don’t think I’d want to see another classic ruined because someone wants to cash in on a well known title. I like Dirty Dancing and hate these remakes destroying all that was build because people want to update old movies.


3 thoughts on “Why is Dirty Dancing is a classic?

  1. You know how it is here in America, whether the movie is good or not makes no difference if it did well at the box office it’s a win. I didn’t even like the original Footloose. Dirty dancing is cool if u look it as a chick flick. I’m sure the remake will focus on the dancing but what’s considered as dirty dancing now? I mean suburban wives took pole dancing classes at one point And the average rap video shows chicks shaking their ass. And movie wise people aren’t creative with their dance moves too much if you ask me. Who knows I don’t want to see the movie

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