2012 Goals


Another year another layout of what I pan on doing. I keep pretty close to most of the stuff I say I will do so it’s good to write this stuff out I see

  • Sunday Soul Session

First big move will come this coming Sunday with Sunday Soul Session. I got over 20 mixes ready and still haven’t tapped into getting all the ideas I have in my head about this out. I figure once I get a few other things done and wrapped up I really can focus on make my hard drive work as I get crazy on music.

  • Beats

I still have to work on beats for other projects as well as get the Lost Soul beat CD straight. That is taking longer than usual because I’m looking for a few of the original songs I sampled from. Pass that I’m slowly getting back into beat making shape I figure I will post beats on Facebook as I think they’re somewhat done.

  • Home Sick mixtape

I need to record a few songs over and also record some new one in general and find a good ass order for to put them in. My computer dying stalled this project it was supposed to be up and running around November of last year. Still it’s cool I will get it out and that’s all that counts. So far the feedback of songs were uploaded have been good, beats and bars real Hip Hop shit.

  • H.O.M.E (Holding Onto My Existence)

I’m working on a few beats for this album right now and I have a few songs ready to be laid so it’s just about doing it. I really need to figure out how to have more time in a day.

  • Thursday Review on blogtalkradio.com

I posts about the idea a few months back and will still do this by the summer. It will be Hip Hop albums on blogtalk and other albums written out for here as well as movies and shows reviews. I haven’t tried a comic book in awhile I will do that at some point too.

  • Get ready for the move

I really haven’t started to sorting things to move at all. I will start putting clothes in those clothing donation boxes out around the city. Put whatever I’m not keeping in the lobby which would be much to anyone but me. I will be nice to find shit I totally forgot I even had.

  • Work new SONN album

It’s been something me and my man O&O have been talking about and now we’re about to get it popping. It might be hard because we both stay busy as fuck but even if it comes out like some Gang Starr, Pete Rock and CL Smooth shit where I send beats and he kill it it’s still SONN shit. I do plan getting my bars up on this next SONN project.

It’s 2012 time of change for me and so far it seems to be going good.

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