What President is Mitt Romney talking about when he spoke about cronies?

Mitt Romney and wife

“This president has engaged and is engaging in crony capitalism,”

–        Mitt Romney

I love how pass the economy and the “socialist” talk everything that Republicans are calling out Obama on all seem an administration late. Crony capitalism is what our last President lived off of. I’m starting to think that when people talk about Obama they are bypassing him and really shooting at Bush. They have to be, if you’re talking about pulling troops out of Iraq being a bad thing Bush signed off on it and Obama honored it. That’s not an Obama thing it was Bush who put that deal together, remember when Bush dodged a shoe? He was there to publicly honor that deal. So it’s not criticizing Obama it’s about Bush. Most of these shots taking at Obama can really be about Bush.

This is more hypocritical talk that the Republicans love to do. You know how they say they don’t want government telling us what we can and can’t and how to live our lives. All that’s fine and dandy until it comes down to abortion and gay anything. Or the anti illegal immigrant talk but only when it doesn’t really cripple certain industries. The republicans really have nothing on Obama because if the unemployment numbers continue to slowly decrease jobs will be off the table to a degree. That leaves “Obama Care” and if it’s Mitt facing Obama there will truly be some hypocritical talk happening. I think Obama will out debate any man that makes it as the candidate, I can say that now since Michelle Bachmann dropped out the race. I’m sure the plan for any Republican is to figure out how to throw as many stones without anyone noticing they live in a glass house. That idea will become harder if it’s Mitt who can easily be labeled a moderate republican. I’m sure Democrats dig deep enough they can find more similarities between Obama and Romney which could hurt both men really but Romney more.

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