Why so much hate Hip Hops first couple?

Jay and B

Since it’s been announced Beyonce had her baby and then the public was told the name and THEN the Jay – Z song about the birth of his daughter floated around I noticed those in the Hip Hop community really don’t care. You can’t count the on air personalities whether on radio or satellite radio as a voice on how the general Hip Hop head feels. The news is embraced more by the pop culture than us. This is our moment right? I mean to be honest when was the last time you heard a song dedicated to a child from a farther on Hip Hop pop level? Hell marriage is as taboo in Hip Hop as being gay is. Most rappers are or have been married and you would have never known because it never comes up in their music or the fact it never came up in interviews.  We know Beyonce and Jay are married, we witnessed the over a decade long relationship between them as it developed in front of our eyes. This birth should have been Hip Hops version of the royal wedding last April. Instead everyone is claiming they hate both Jay and Beyonce and there are jokes everywhere about their child. To be fair I too had jokes, more so about the name. I mean Blue Ivy? I will not go down that road at this time.


Imagine ten maybe fifteen years ago and the word spread Nas and say, Mary J. were an item and they got married and they were having a baby? Hip Hop would go crazy. Image if we knew Rakim. LL Cool J or Big Daddy Kane was dating and about to marry anyone from En Vouge or Toni Braxton? Shit would be crazy right? There have been major couples before them and now as well but none of them has gotten the attention like this. Not Will and Jada, Russell and Kimora, Dame and Aaliyah, Jojo and Mary, Janet and JD or Nas and Kelis. Back to the present, we as a culture could care less about these two Jay and Beyonce. I don’t feed into the whole illuminati talk because, well that’s another post all together. I’m just not getting how this wasn’t received better to be honest. I am totally not a Jay fan at this point in his career and I swear Beyonce is the black Britney Spears minus the drugs and breakdown but just as tone deaf if not more when she (Beyonce) does that wale call thing in her songs like she is Aqua Lass. You’d think with all that money she has she’d get a fucking singing coach to inform her that’s not cute, not cute at all.


I for one am happy this Hip Hops major couple status goes to these two and not say Ashanti and Nelly, T.I. and Miss Piggy, Nick and his once talented wife and Swiss and Alicia. I purposely left out the by all rights swinger couples who swap boyfriends and girlfriends amongst themselves like some Soap Operas. Not a fan of either of them but I will give them the title of Hip Hops first family… I will it’s just my opinion it’s not like I’m The Source or XXL or even Hot 97, I just feel they deserve that mantle.

2 thoughts on “Why so much hate Hip Hops first couple?

  1. Could it be that too many people are hating on them and choose not to be excited about this news because they were sitting back waiting for their relationship to fail?? I say congrats to them and I so think this is really good news and I wish them the best and pray that they will have more healthy beautiful children…But some people may fall into the “crabs in a barrel” syndrome and their personal relationships may not be what they want them to be so they hate on others, or they may get entertainment out of others misfortune and this couple has been going strong for a decade with no drama, so there is no entertainment…Misery loves company…As for me, I hope they continue to have love, and success, and become role models for the hip hop community instead of being hated on by them. I don’t know, this is just my opinion, I don’t claim to be right or know everything, but this is just what I feel about the situation.

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