RSIEH: KRS One Interview


When people ask who is my biggest influence in Hip Hop I always say KRS One. In a list of MC’s he is number two behind Rakim. As Hip Hop goes after listening to this interview you see just how a true legend should act. In the interview it’s more autobiographical as he reflects on his life and career. Not many MCs or rappers can have you wrapped up in what their saying without beefing, promoting their music or just saying things to get their name in the news. KRS has been one of the few MCs who can go around and speak and not have to do shows or have those places he goes to speak want to hear his music. I’ve seen him on youtube at places where he spoke about politics and the people interviewing not once brought up his music. He put the music behind him and never looked for an opening to bring it up. While many former rappers who don’t settle into acting gigs or production duties find themselves not really doing too much that’s note worthy. When the 15 minutes is up some have nothing else to offer. KRS doesn’t have to make another album again ever and say take any topic out of the things he spoke about in this interview and build with a crowd of people.

This interview also shows the difference between how MCs used to carry themselves as opposed to today. It’s like when watching the Beef series and seeing Davey D, KRS, Ice-T and few more school artist you saw how different they were from all the new beefs at the time of the DVD series. You can call it maturity or just call it a lost system. I think like how Motown had taught people how to speak and carry themselves Hip Hop artists had something similar. Or it could have been most old school rappers were college students, yeah college students, none of that being too hood to learn, go figure. Yes of course that isn’t KRS life but if you heard him and listened to him speak you’d never know it. He (KRS) is the one reason I read so much as well as sat in listened to the older Gods around my way when they would build about life and religion.  It’s cool seeing KRS show love to all those he beefed with in the music business, well everyone except PM Dawn. He admits he was young, they all were young and it could be why he never really disses the new dudes in the game. You have to grow up at some point and he knows that more than anyone.

This is a deep look into the life of KRS and it’s free on youtube, gotta love the internet age for reasons like this.


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