When legends aren’t pop relevant

etta james

I don’t do rest in peace posts at all. Even when there are people I totally admire who have passed away I made it case not to go there. This isn’t my first issue with people not recognizing icons and legends that have passed away and who have been forgotten due to time.

It was reported Etta James had passed away, my girlfriend hit me up right after I had heard the news from someone at work. I jumped on Facebook and Twitter throughout the day and night and pass DJs and those who really loved music no one mentioned Etta James at all. I follow people in my age and older than me on for the most part on Twitter and most people are around my age that I’m friends with on Facebook and to not have it be something everyone is speaking on is crazy to me. I couldn’t feel that way too much about Gil Scott because as known as he was I knew he wasn’t someone the average person on the street would know. Etta James though? That was a different case in my mind. I thought everyone knew of her and knew at least one of her songs. I would have been cool with people going the lady Beyonce played in Cadillac. Nothing like that even came up. Maybe it’s just the people I follow and work around and live by. The cynic in me says if this was anyone out right now the news would be huge.

Is it a case of no longer caring about those who came before us? Could it be Etta James wasn’t a big enough star so her passing wasn’t on everyone’s radar? So many people will pass, it’s life, they aren’t all going to be Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Dolly Parton larger than life pop relevant people. There will be thousands of the lesser known artists who have contributed so much to music and should be recognized for it, not just in death.

I’m sure the Grammys will do something to honor Etta James, at least that’s what I would think. The Grammys have dropped the ball many times in the past several years. If they do choose to do a tribute it can’t involve any of the chicks on “urban radio” at all, including the mother of Blue Ivy.  None of the ladies out right now are worthy of such an honor in my opinion.

RIP Etta James


2 thoughts on “When legends aren’t pop relevant

  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I agree. I am in my early 30s and I have been a fan of Etta James since I was about 8 years old. I still listen to her music regularly and I do feel that she was a very talented woman. I have many favorite songs by Ms. Etta James, I think my absolute faves are 99 and a half and Wet Match. But there are endless classics. When I was growing up, Etta James was not the “it” music, Everyone was listening to DJ Quik and Toni Braxton and whoever else was popular in the mid 90s, so Etta James was not at the top of the list, but I would seek out her music and I loved it then and I still do. I am sure she has a lot of fans out there, but idk maybe they are just older and not on facebook or twitter so their opinions are not visible to the world, but when I talked to my grandmother about it she already had heard the news and we had a conversation about our fave Etta James music, but…My grandmother and her peers are not on twitter or fb etc…

  2. Yeah I think the next day I saw a few more RIP stat updates on FB and she was trending on Twitter. It’s a shame that her music isn’t out there more because was truly that bridge between Billie, Ella Fitzgerald to Aretha and all those ladies. Even though she wasn’t that far from them in age her music was that bridge between the sounds of music changing. Jazz heads loved her just as much as R&B heads back when there was a clear divide back then.

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