Creating American jobs and putting Americans to work aren’t one in the same

Jobs and obama

Mitt Romney was somewhere speaking about not wanting to stop people from starting companies and making money. The crowd went crazy and then came a few sound bytes of people who owned their own business saying that’s why like Romney. That’s fine but for some reason we seem to have fused supporting American businesses with supporting hiring American people to work for those companies. Every few weeks it comes out during a slow point on a news network or NPR that many companies are out sourcing or just setting up shop out of the country. Hoffa put Apple on blast on a Sunday show on CNN when no one is watching because Apple was setting up shop in Mexico. That was the beginning and end of that story.

For all the flack Obama gets it should be noted that he (Obama) does have enough sense to separate American jobs and American companies. You always heard him say things like put Americans back to work or create jobs for Americans. Something Republicans aren’t really saying. Instead they are saying look out for the job creators as if that insures Americans will gets jobs. We are in a global market. The first thing anyone learns about business is get the best results without spending a lot of money. If that means outsourcing then so be it. Something no one really takes in consideration at all when they allow these politicians to speak on Obama being a job killer. I wrote about American bridges being built in China awhile back, the company who outsourced that job is an American company the workers aren’t, how are we supposed to be happy about that as Americans? That is something that needs to be addressed much more than taxes, regulations and Obama care.

If that becomes the focus, whoever is in support of outsourcing or just going to another country should lose the election. They can attempt to blame it on taxes or even throw a quick subtle jab by speaking about unqualified workers without trying to come up with a solution for what has now become a major issue that no politician is willing to address at all. If the Presidential race does boil down to jobs I think the person that strikes that blow of trying to figure out how to retrain Americans will have the upper hand. Because the opposing theory is of course cost. To say you’re not willing to invest in or “throw money at” retraining Americans to better their chances at getting work sounds anti Americans to me. All the pro life true conservative Jesus talk can’t hide that fact.


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